Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

Water News (9.2.2005)
Alternative Wetlands Control Can Increase Yields, Reduce Stormwater Contamination

Agriculture (9.2.2005)
Manure Works Better When the Cows Do the Heavy Lifting

Weather and Disasters (9.2.2005)
Massive Airlift to Evacuate Medical Emergencies from New Orleans
The amount of traffic needed to evacuate 100,000 people from New Orleans, by bus and air, is huge. The overall displacement is of titanic proportions, and the sheer geographic scope of the evacuation is staggering. The racial undertones to the catastrophe are also unsettling. So is the long-run economic impact.

Iowa (9.2.2005)
CD With 165,000 Names and Social Security Numbers Goes Missing
May not even be a case of theft, but it underlines the implicit value of information

Iowa (9.2.2005)
UNI Spanks Drake, 52-17