Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

Water News (9.3.2005)
Water Conservation Comes Home

Weather and Disasters (9.3.2005)
NOAA Posts High-Resolution Photos of Katrina Damage

Agriculture (9.3.2005)
Farm Bureau Expects Hurricane Katrina to Have $1 Billion Impact on Agriculture
Higher fuel prices, disrupted shipping on Mississippi major factors

Weather and Disasters (9.3.2005)
Updated Map of the Hurricane Katrina Diaspora
People are still trying to leave the city

Weather and Disasters (9.3.2005)
An Argument for Converting New Orleans into a National Park
Quasi-Swiftian suggestion says the historic parts can be preserved, since they're already on high ground, but that the rest should be converted to low-density use, primarily as an entertainment venue vis-a-vis Las Vegas. No matter what is done, it has to be something different than what was done before, since another hurricane is certain to strike New Orleans. Half a million lives can't be put at risk just because of our collective obstinance.