Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

News (9.5.2005)
Big Power Outage in Guam

Weather and Disasters (9.5.2005)
1,000 Hurricane Evacuees Headed for Portland, Oregon
The perimeter of the hurricane diaspora now reaches most of the continental US. California is sending 100 highway patrol officers to Louisiana.

We All Need a Little Humor (9.5.2005)
Truck Carrying 10,000 Bottles of Rum Flips in Bermuda
It's top news there, with the report including this very important caveat: There "would be not be a shortage of rum"

The United States of America (9.5.2005)
Rehnquist as the Anti-Warren

Election 2008 (9.5.2005)
Montana Governor: Gore, Kerry Lost Elections Because They Looked Fake
Governor Brian Schweitzer is a Democrat who figured out that Western Republicans like a guy who drinks and can hold a gun without looking like an idiot