Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

Weather and Disasters (9.11.2005)
Third Round of Data Collected for Katrina Diaspora Map
The most comprehensive survey of the data thus far; includes every major market in America. Seeks to identify where about 416,000 evacuees went.

The United States of America (9.11.2005)
Resistance to Evacuees in San Francisco
City already has one of the nation's worst homeless rates

Computers and the Internet (9.11.2005)
18 States Trying to Sucker-Punch Small Businesses Selling Online

Weather and Disasters (9.11.2005)
Distribution of Evacuees Largest Internal Migration in 150 Years
The distribution of the Hurricane Katrina diaspora continues to grow

Threats to Western Civilization (9.11.2005)
American-Born Terrorist Threatens Los Angeles, Melbourne

We All Need a Little Humor (9.11.2005)
Feud Between Families Starts Food Fight at Denver Olive Garden
Six arrested. Cops had to use tasers to bring the fight under control.

Broadcasting (9.11.2005)
The Future of TV News Anchors

Weather and Disasters (9.11.2005)
St. Louis Not Ready for Major Earthquake
Iowa's plans for disaster recovery are mostly under lock and key, which isn't particularly reassuring. Chicago is navel-gazing over how to evacuate 440,000 workers from downtown in case of emergency. Honolulu, which knows it'll be hit by another tsunami someday, admits it's unprepared. Los Angeles is in the same boat -- plus, they're due for a huge quake.

Weather and Disasters (9.11.2005)
Evacuee Airlift: Surprise! You're Headed to Milwaukee!
Others were surprised to be told they were moving to Iowa and Utah. There's lots of resistance to moving north.