Gongol.com Archives: May 2006
Brian Gongol

The American Way (2006.05.16)
April 15, 2006 Carnival of the Capitalists
Interesting: Unfair use of "fair use" and the 2006 Berkshire Hathaway meeting guide

Computers and the Internet (2006.05.16)
How e-mail services and programs handle CSS

Gongol.com original content The American Way (2006.05.16)
The Public Decision-Maker's Checklist
If every elected official could answer these four questions in the affirmative, we'd be living in a libertarian utopia

Computers and the Internet (2006.05.16)
AMD promises energy-efficient computer chips by end of 2006
Since computers and office equipment account for about 3% of energy use in the US, the impact of efficient chips on the overall scheme of things might not be grand, but it could save money for individual users and firms

News (2006.05.16)
Russian press thinks Cheney is trying to start "Cold War II"

Science and Technology (2006.05.16)
Individuals, households can't do much to change carbon dioxide emissions
Newspaper finds that UK's five biggest CO2 producers generate more than all British motorists combined. Of course, whatever those companies are doing is on behalf of households anyway (whether those households are consumers, stockholders, or employees).

News (2006.05.16)
Huge bomb strands 250 Irish ferry passengers
Not terrorism -- they think it's from WWII

Water news: Commission will consider new land-application rule in July
Graphics: 24 Hours