Gongol.com Archives: June 2006
Brian Gongol

News (2006.06.01)
Can't discriminate based on religion? How about vegetarianism?

News (2006.06.01)
ID mix-up means wrong family thought their daughter was dead for five weeks
Coroner mis-identifies the woman killed when a university van crashed, so two families have been living the wrong nightmares

News (2006.06.01)
"If they're hiding, why are they dying?"

Weather and Disasters (2006.06.01)
US sends $5 million to help with Indonesian earthquake
That's about the cost of two Super Bowl TV ads. Remember: Disasters don't kill; poverty does.

Threats and Hazards (2006.06.01)
Someone needs to tell the Justice Department "No"
They're pressuring major Internet companies, from Google to Verizon, to store mountains of data on user activities for up to two years. The answer is and must be "No." Until the Federal government starts getting serious about issues like separation of powers and the role of the 9th and 10th Amendments, it ought not be poking around and trying to tell the private sector what to do -- even if it's in the name of "security." This proposal ought to be flushed on two counts from the Public Decision-Maker's Checklist: It's not the kind of power one would entrust to one's enemies, and it certainly doesn't make it easier for people to trust one another.

Broadcasting (2006.06.01)
The "24" season six countdown clock

Humor and Good News (2006.06.01)
Ultra-retro speakers for the iPod

Computers and the Internet (2006.06.01)
Is Google News a business bandit or a marketing altruist?
By delivering content belonging to others, it may be thieving. But if it's only doing so in order to give them more traffic, then it could be an unsolicited helper.

News (2006.06.01)
Israel and the moral obligation to aid refugees
Israel, having been founded as a safe haven from persecution, faces a question of moral responsibility as hundreds of Sudanese refugees show up

Humor and Good News (2006.06.01)
Does naming a place Shangri-La make it more attractive?

Business and Finance (2006.06.01)
Ads on cabs
Chicago cabbies hope ads on top of their vehicles will help offset the cost of gasoline

Broadcasting (2006.06.01)
"Journalism matters. But [audiences] aren't going to tune in unless there is a payoff."
Mark Cuban addresses the state of journalism

Weather and Disasters (2006.06.01)
New Orleans sank unusually quickly prior to Katrina
Discovered in a Katrina news roundup

News (2006.06.01)
Tragedy of the Universe #1: More people recognize Britney Spears than Norman Borlaug
And thus the media obsess greatly over a moody pop star and mainly ignore the father of the Green Revolution

News (2006.06.01)
New York GOP split between upstate lawyer and former MA governor
John Faso has the nomination of the New York Conservative Party. Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld wants to become governor of a different state. The two will probably go up against one another in a primary vote. It's important because politics in New York put Hillary Clinton in the Senate and could influence the Presidential race in 2008. Meanwhile, the GOP is still trying to re-locate its fiscal conservative roots after being trampled by social conservatives who like to spend too much.

Computers and the Internet (2006.06.01)
Double-time downloads?
Comcast claims new technology will double download speeds for broadband Internet customers when they're downloading large files. It's an effort to keep customers happy without lowering prices, and competitors are trying to improve their speeds, too. Competition works again.

Computers and the Internet (2006.06.01)
Yahoo enters the video market with Yahoo Video service
YouTube, Google Video, and now Yahoo Video...that's about enough for a full market. Anyone else trying to enter the viral-video market space will find all stalls occupied.

Water news: Nebraska town says residents are responsible for sewer backups
Graphics: General Patton