Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 2, 2006

Threats and Hazards Angry dad wants school to ban "Fahrenheit 451"
Set the irony meter to "stun": The book is about book banning. Do people not understand this? As a read, it's only average, but it's an important work.

Health Prevent colds: Wash your hands
Researchers test people with colds and find that more than anything else, they spread germs by touching things like light switches and pens. If they (and everyone else) would just wash their hands more often, fewer viruses would be transmitted.

Science and Technology Shortage of polysilicon leads to shortage of solar panels
A cheaper, easier-to-use alternative material (copper indium gallium selenide) hasn't caught on much yet. The manufacturer says that's because people just don't know about it. Related: Is it possible that humans will someday consume all of the energy produced by the Sun?

The American Way McAfee attacks Microsoft security in full-page newspaper ad
Microsoft doesn't intend to share information on its core programming details for the new Windows Vista with security vendors like McAfee and Symantec. Thanks to market economics, those vendors have an incentive to bring public attention to the issue. McAfee calls it "misguided in principle, bad for innovation and competition".

Weather and Disasters The value of storm chasers
By collecting intense data on individual cases, storm chasers can help advance the science of predicting tornadoes

Iowa Now some jurors will get $50 a day
On extended-service trials only. Though it's an improvement over Iowa's normal $10 a day for jurors, $50 a day is still a hit for anyone making more than $12,500 a year.

Threats and Hazards Iowa Chief Justice says stop trying to politicize the courts
He's absolutely right; the courts should be the most neutral branch of all. People who obsess over the effect that a favorable Presidential election might have on the nature of the courts are getting it all wrong -- that's like trying to buy off the umpires instead of cheering for your home team.

News Davenport newspaper kills kids' edition
Newspapers have to figure out their role in a 24-hour news universe, and it's not necessarily by dumbing down

Water News Iowa Supreme Court holds city responsible for contractors' deaths

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