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Book Author Enjoyability Importance Category Comments
Buffett: Making of an American CapitalistRoger Lowenstein5 stars starsBusiness Biography
Essays of Warren BuffettCunningham5 stars starsBusinessSome of the most valuable business lessons available anywhere
In Defence of FreedomMargaret Thatcher5 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Misbehavior of MarketsMandelbrot and Hudson5 stars starsInvesting
Nothing Is SacredRobert J. Barro5 stars starsEconomics
Ultimate Hitchhiker's GuideDouglas Adams5 stars starsOther
Analects of ConfuciusConfucius4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell4 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA landmark book for its accessibility and vision
Art of War (abridged)Sun Tzu4 stars starsMilitary
Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders, 1965-2013Warren Buffett4 stars starsBusiness
Brave New WorldAldous Huxley4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Brave New World RevisitedAldous Huxley4 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyHuxley's coda to the original is even more frightening
Capitalism and FreedomMilton Friedman4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Commanding HeightsDaniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw4 stars starsEconomicsHow free markets won the 20th Century battle of ideas
Conscience of a ConservativeBarry Goldwater4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the DarkCarl Sagan4 stars starsScience and TechnologyHow science can save us from our own errors
Economics in One LessonHenry Hazlitt4 stars starsEconomicsOught to be mandatory reading
Elements of StyleWilliam Strunk and EB White4 stars starsOther
Getting It Right: Markets and Choices in a Free SocietyRobert J. Barro4 stars starsEconomics
On LibertyJohn Stuart Mill4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Rights of ManThomas Paine4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
The Autobiography of Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge4 stars starsBiography
1984George Orwell3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Intelligent InvestorBenjamin Graham3 stars starsInvesting
Paths to Wealth Through Common Stocks Phil Fisher 3 stars starsBusiness
Communist ManifestoKarl Marx and Frederick Engels2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyThe arguments are fundamentally flawed; the tragedy is that millions of people died as a result
American GenesisThomas P. Hughes5 stars starsHistory/HistoricalFoundations of America's love affair with technology
As I Said to Denis: The Margaret Thatcher book of quotationsIain Dale5 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Catch-22Joseph Heller5 stars starsLiteraturePossibly the funniest book ever written
DublinersJames Joyce5 stars starsLiteratureDelightful reading by an innovative author
How to Lose $100,000,000 and Other Valuable Advice Royal Little 5 stars starsBiography
On the Wealth of NationsPJ O'Rourke5 stars starsEconomics
The Baby BoomPJ O'Rourke5 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
The Liar's BallVicky Ward 5 stars starsBusiness
The Vanishing American AdultBen Sasse5 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Visual Display of Quantitative InformationEdward R. Tufte5 stars starsScience and TechnologyBetter ways of displaying information
Adapt: Why success always starts with failureTim Harford 4 stars starsPsychology
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnMark Twain4 stars starsLiterature
All the Money in the World: How the Forbes 400 make and spend their fortunesPeter Bernstein and Annalyn Swan4 stars starsBusiness
Art of Money GettingBenjamin Franklin4 stars starsInvesting
Autopsy of a MergerWilliam M. Owen4 stars starsBusiness
BabbitSinclair Lewis4 stars starsLiteratureHow upward mobility felt in the 1920s for those who had access to it
Bill Gates SpeaksJanet Lowe4 stars starsBusiness Biography
Bloomberg by BloombergMichael Bloomberg 4 stars starsBiography
Built to LastCollins and Porras4 stars starsBusiness
ChaosJames Gleick4 stars starsScience and Technology
Checklist ManifestoAtul Gawande4 stars starsCognition
Churchill on LeadershipSteven F. Hayward 4 stars starsBiography
Common Stocks and Uncommon ProfitsPhilip A Fisher4 stars starsInvesting
CopycatsOded Shenkar4 stars starsBusiness
Design of Everyday ThingsDonald Norman4 stars starsDesignWhy some things are easy to use and others are insufferably complicated
Determinants of Economic GrowthRobert J. Barro4 stars starsEconomics
Disuniting of AmericaArthur Schlesinger, Jr.4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Driving Honda: Inside the world's most innovative car companyJeffrey Rothfeder4 stars starsBusiness
Dynasties: Fortunes and misfortunes of the world's great family businessesDavid S. Landes4 stars starsBusiness
Elegant SolutionMatthew May4 stars starsBusiness
Envisioning InformationEdward R. Tufte4 stars starsScience and Technology
Get SmarterSeymour Schulich4 stars starsCognition
Getting There: A book of mentors Gillian Zoe Segal 4 stars starsBiography
Hamilton's BlessingJohn Steele Gordon4 stars starsEconomicsHow the national debt came to be and what it means
How to Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren BuffettCunningham4 stars starsInvesting
Human-Built WorldThomas P. Hughes4 stars starsScience and Technology
Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates in his own words Lisa Rogak4 stars starsBiography
It Can't Happen HereSinclair Lewis4 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA dystopic vision of America and how close we always are to losing our freedom
Jewish PhenomenonSteven Silberger4 stars starsBusinessRecommended for those who have aspirations for themselves and their children
John Bogle on Investing: The first 50 yearsJohn C Bogle4 stars starsInvesting
JungleUpton Sinclair4 stars starsHistory/Historical
King of Cash: The inside story of Lawrence TischWinans4 stars starsBusiness Biography
Live to WinVictor Kiam4 stars starsBusiness BiographyLight, fun motivational reading
Millionaire Next DoorThomas Stanley and William Danko4 stars starsInvestingBoth pleasurable to read and eminently useful
Mystery of CapitalHernando de Soto4 stars starsEconomics
Nine Nations of North AmericaJoel Garreau4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Ordinary Business of LifeRoger Backhouse4 stars starsEconomics
RelativityAlbert Einstein4 stars starsScience and TechnologyWorth reading for a better understanding of a fundamental concept
Science of SuccessCharles Koch4 stars starsBusiness
SnowballAlice Schroeder4 stars starsBusiness Biography
Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966 to 2012Carol Loomis4 stars starsBusiness Biography
The Death of ExpertiseTom Nichols4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
The New NationalismTheodore Roosevelt4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
The Outsiders: Eight unconventional CEOs and their radically rational blueprint for successWilliam Thorndike4 stars starsBusiness
The PrinceNiccolo Machiavelli4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
The Road to SerfdomFriedrich Hayek4 stars starsEconomics
The Ten Commandments for Business FailureDonald Keough 4 stars starsBusiness
The Toyota Way Jeffrey Liker4 stars starsBusiness
The Wealth of HumansRyan Avent4 stars starsEconomics
Towards a New ArchitectureLe Corbusier4 stars starsScience and Technology
TrustFrancis Fukuyama4 stars starsEconomicsIntelligent and insightful, but too long
Visual ExplanationsEdward R. Tufte4 stars starsScience and Technology
Warren Buffett SpeaksLowe4 stars starsBusiness Biography
Warren Buffett WayRobert Hagstrom4 stars starsInvesting
Way to WealthBenjamin Franklin4 stars starsInvesting
Wealth CreatorsRoy Smith4 stars starsBusiness
Wealthy BarberDavid Chilton4 stars starsInvesting
Why Buildings Stand UpMario Salvadori4 stars starsScience and TechnologyEngineering for dummies
Why Flip a Coin?HW Lewis4 stars starsScience and TechnologyA delightful read about why statistics matter
Why People Believe Weird ThingsMichael Shermer4 stars starsScience and Technology
Yes, You Can Get a Financial LifeBen Stein and Phil DeMuth4 stars starsInvesting
Yes, You Can Still Retire ComfortablyBen Stein and Phil DeMuth4 stars starsInvesting
All the President's MenBob Woodward and Carl Bernstein3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
AntigoneSophocles3 stars starsLiterature
ArrowsmithSinclair Lewis3 stars starsLiteratureA probing story about the conflict between doing good on the small scale and doing good for the many
Atlas ShruggedAyn Rand3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Banker to the PoorMuhammad Yunus3 stars starsEconomicsA blueprint for pulling millions of people out of poverty
Battle for the Soul of CapitalismJohn C. Bogle3 stars starsBusiness
CosmosCarl Sagan3 stars starsScience and TechnologyProbes the origins of everything
Development as FreedomAmartya Sen3 stars starsEconomicsGets beyond GDP alone as a measure of development
Dream Big: How the Brazilian trio behind 3G Capital acquired Anheuser-Busch, Burger King, and HeinzCristiane Correa3 stars starsBusiness
Fahrenheit 451Ray Bradbury3 stars starsLiterature
Free to ChooseMilton Friedman3 stars starsEconomics
Great Game: The Emergence of Wall Street as a World Power, 1653-2000John Steele Gordon3 stars starsBusiness
Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the making of the Microsoft empireWallace and Erickson3 stars starsBusinessImportant, but sometimes a drudge to read
How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleDale Carnegie3 stars starsPsychology
IliadHomer3 stars starsLiterature
InfluenceRobert Cialdini3 stars starsPsychology
Kingsblood RoyalSinclair Lewis3 stars starsLiterature
PerestroikaMikhail Gorbachev3 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyGorbachev really didn't think change would happen so quickly
Slaughterhouse FiveKurt Vonnegut3 stars starsLiterature
The Imperial CruiseJames Bradley 3 stars starsHistory/Historical
The New Democrats and the Return to PowerAl From3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Thinking, Fast and SlowDaniel Kahneman3 stars starsPsychology
Christian LibertyMartin Luther2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Great Alternatives of Social ThoughtTerrence Cook2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
ImperialismNikolai (VI) Lenin2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyAn extraordinary (and errant) obsession with monopoly
Oration on the Dignity of ManGiovanni Pico della Mirandola2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Romeo and JulietWilliam Shakespeare2 stars starsLiteratureOverrated, but since everyone overrates it, one can't avoid reading it
The State and RevolutionNikolai (VI) Lenin2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA terrifying blueprint that led to millions of deaths
All the Trouble in the WorldPJ O'Rourke5 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Damn Right: Behind the scenes with Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Charlie MungerJanet Lowe5 stars starsBusiness Biography
Eat the RichPJ O'Rourke5 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Elements of EloquenceMark Forsyth 5 stars starsOther
Going for It!Victor Kiam5 stars starsBusinessMost motivational books are wastes of paper; this isn't
The Wright BrothersDavid McCullough5 stars starsHistory/Historical
AnthemAyn Rand4 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA good introduction to Rand's work; much shorter than her epic novels
Asimov Laughs AgainIsaac Asimov4 stars starsHumor
Bachelor Home CompanionPJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Be My GuestConrad Hilton4 stars starsBusiness Biography
Between WorldsBill Richardson 4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Brand WarfareDavid F. D'Alessandro4 stars starsBusiness
Companies that Changed the WorldJonathan Mantle4 stars starsBusiness
Dear GeorgeGeorge Burns4 stars starsHumorShort and witty
Devils on the Deep Blue SeaKristoffer Garin 4 stars starsBusiness
DutchEdmund Morris4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Economical WritingDeirdre McCloskey4 stars starsEconomics
Edison's EveGaby Wood4 stars starsScience and Technology
FreakonomicsSteven Levitt and Stephen Dubner4 stars starsEconomics
From Silk to Silicon: The story of globalization through ten extraordinary livesJeffrey E. Garten4 stars starsBusiness
Future and its EnemiesVirginia Postrel4 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyStatism vs. freedom, and why freedom works
Glorious DisasterMiddendorf4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Honda: The man and his machinesSol Sanders4 stars starsBusiness
How the Irish Saved CivilizationThomas Cahill4 stars starsHistory/HistoricalThought-provoking if probably overindulgent
How the Right Lost Its MindCharles J. Sykes4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
How to Read a Person Like a BookGerald Nierenberg and Henry Calero4 stars starsPsychology
IshmaelDaniel Quinn4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
MoneyballMichael Lewis4 stars starsBusiness
Peace KillsPJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Positioning: The Battle for Your MindAl Ries and Jack Trout4 stars starsBusinessMarketing 101 in a nutshell
Public and Private PapersThomas Jefferson4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
PygmalionGeorge Bernard Shaw4 stars starsLiterature
Seven Principles of Good GovernmentGary Johnson 4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Sons of Wichita: How the Koch brothers became America's most powerful and private dynastyDaniel Schulman4 stars starsBiography
The Herbert Hoover StoryCatherine Owens Peare 4 stars starsBiography
Trademarks Designed by Chermayeff and GeismarChermayeff and Geismar4 stars starsDesign
Trademarks of the 20s and 30sBaker and Blik4 stars starsDesign
Type and LayoutColin Wheildon4 stars starsDesign
When Genius Failed: The rise and fall of Long-Term Capital ManagementRoger Lowenstein 4 stars starsBusiness
Yes, You Can Be a Successful Income InvestorBen Stein and Phil DeMuth4 stars starsInvesting
Yes, You Can Time the MarketBen Stein and Phil DeMuth4 stars starsInvesting
A Long Short WarChristopher Hitchens3 stars starsMilitary
A Nation of ImmigrantsJohn F. Kennedy3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Accidental Empires: How the boys of Silicon Valley make their millions, battle foreign competition, and still can't get a dateRobert X. Cringely 3 stars starsBusiness
All Quiet on the Western FrontErich Maria Remarque3 stars starsHistory/Historical
All the Money in the World: How the Forbes 400 make -- and spend -- their fortunesPeter Berstein and Annalyn Swan3 stars starsBusiness
America's Richest Families: A Forbes compendium of stories since 1977Jennifer Eum and Annabel Lau 3 stars starsBusiness
American Political RhetoricLawler3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Arnold's Ancient AxiomsEdmund Arnold3 stars starsDesign
AtmosphereLutgens3 stars starsScience and Technology
Ben Franklin FactorJames C. Humes3 stars starsPsychology
Beyond Boom and CrashRobert L. Heilbroner3 stars starsEconomics
Billions and BillionsCarl Sagan3 stars starsScience and Technology
Body LanguageJulius Fast3 stars starsPsychology
BreakupLansing Lamont3 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyIt may be impossible for Canada to stay in one piece; if it breaks apart, what happens next?
Business at the Speed of ThoughtBill Gates3 stars starsBusiness
Can't Is Not an Option Nikki Haley 3 stars starsBiography
CarsonPaul Corkery3 stars starsBroadcasting and Media
Chuck Hagel: Moving forwardBerens3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting RichLarry Waschka3 stars starsInvesting
Dragons of EdenCarl Sagan3 stars starsScience and Technology
Emotional Design: Why we love of or hate everyday things03 stars starsDesign
Epic of Gilgameshunknown3 stars starsLiterature
Essential BuffettHagstrom3 stars starsBusiness Biography
Financial Freedom on $5 a DayChakrapani3 stars starsInvesting
Finnegans Wake (abridged)James Joyce3 stars starsLiteratureThe hardest book most people will ever pick up
Flat TaxDick Armey3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Four Seasons: The story of a business philosophy Isadore Sharp 3 stars starsBusiness
Future as HistoryRobert Heilbroner3 stars starsEconomics
Future for InvestorsJeremy Siegel3 stars starsInvesting
Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It OnCatherine McBreen and George Walper3 stars starsInvesting
Good Profit: How creating value for others built one of the world's most successful companiesCharles Koch3 stars starsBusiness
GOP GPS Evan Siegfried 3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Great GatsbyF. Scott Fitzgerald3 stars starsLiterature
History of TechnologyLuca Fraioli3 stars starsScience and TechnologyA simple and highly readable primer
Honda Motor: The men, the management, the machinesTetsuo Sakiya3 stars starsBusiness
Honda: An American Success StoryRobert Shook3 stars starsBusiness
How the Wise Decide: The lessons of 21 extraordinary leadersAaron Sandoski and Bryn Zeckhauser3 stars starsPsychology
How to Be a Successful ExecutiveJ. Paul Getty3 stars starsBusiness
How to Invest $50 to $5,000Nancy Dunnan3 stars starsInvesting
How to Win at the Sport of BusinessMark Cuban3 stars starsBiography
How Would You Move Mount Fuji? Microsoft's Cult of the PuzzleWilliam Poundstone 3 stars starsBusiness
Image By DesignClive Chajet3 stars starsBusiness
Immigration Wars: Forging an American solution Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick 3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Introducing FascismStuart Hood and Litza Jansz3 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyAn "illustrated novel" on the means and practices of fascism; a good primer
Invent, Reinvent, ThriveLloyd Shefsky3 stars starsBusiness
Irreconcilable Differences: Ross Perot vs. General MotorsDoron Levin3 stars starsBusiness Biography
It's My Party TooChristine Todd Whitman3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Judaism for DummiesTed Falcon and David Blatner3 stars starsReligion
Julius CaesarWilliam Shakespeare3 stars starsLiteratureThanks a lot, Brutus
Leapfrogging Soren Kaplan 3 stars starsBusiness
Lee Kuan Yew: The grand master's insights on China, the United States, and the worldLee Kuan Yew3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
MaestroBob Woodward3 stars starsEconomics
Masters of Enterprise HW Brands 3 stars starsBusiness
Me of Little FaithLewis Black 3 stars starsHumor
Midas Touch: The strategies that have made Warren Buffett the world's most successful investorJohn Train3 stars starsInvesting
Millionaire MindThomas Stanley3 stars starsInvesting
Mormon Way of Doing BusinessBenedict3 stars starsBusiness
My Life and the Principles for SuccessH. Ross Perot3 stars starsBusiness BiographyTitle overpromises what the book delivers
Naked EconomicsCharles Wheelan3 stars starsEconomics
Oliver Wendell HolmesG. Edward White3 stars starsHistory/Historical
On the Other Hand: Jewish words of wisdomSilverman3 stars starsReligion
Origin of BrandsAl Ries and Laura Ries3 stars starsBusiness
Pale Blue DotCarl Sagan3 stars starsScience and TechnologyWhy humanity needs to look to space
Plan BDavid Kord Murray 3 stars starsBusiness
Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJames Joyce3 stars starsLiterature
Psychology of SpeculationHenry Howard Harper3 stars starsInvesting
Red Storm RisingTom Clancy3 stars starsMilitary
Rome Wasn't Burnt in a DayJoe Scarborough3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Rule of ThreeJagdish Sheth and Rajendra Sisodia3 stars starsBusinessEvery market has room for three major players; #4 will get squeezed
Salesmanship AppliedPaul W. Ivey3 stars starsBusiness
Salmon of DoubtDouglas Adams3 stars starsOther
Snow CrashNeal Stephenson3 stars starsScience and Technology
Spirit to ServeJW Marriott, Jr.3 stars starsBusiness
Stand Out from the CrowdLipe3 stars starsBusiness
The 22 Immutable Laws of MarketingAl Ries3 stars starsBusiness
The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a new world Alan Greenspan 3 stars starsBusiness
The CommandersBob Woodward3 stars starsMilitary
The Day the Universe Changed James Burke 3 stars starsScience and Technology
The IBM Way Buck Rodgers 3 stars starsBusiness
The Machine That Changed the World: The story of lean productionJames P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones, and Daniel Roos3 stars starsBusiness
The UprootedOscar Handlin3 stars starsHistory/HistoricalThe American immigrant experience in a nutshell
Theodore Rex Edmund Morris 3 stars starsBiography
Theodore Roosevelt: His essential wisdomCarol Kelly-Gangi3 stars starsBiography
Tipping PointMalcolm Gladwell3 stars starsPsychology
To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee3 stars starsLiteratureThe movie does it sufficient justice
Total Sustainability Ian Pearson3 stars starsEconomics
Trusting the PeopleBob Dole and Jack Kemp3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
United We StandH. Ross Perot3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Up Close: Bill Gates Marc Aronson 3 stars starsBiography
Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial StatementsMary Buffett and David Clark3 stars starsInvesting
Warren Buffett's Management SecretsMary Buffett and David Clark3 stars starsInvesting
What is Your Dangerous Idea?John Brockman3 stars starsOther
What Just HappenedJames Gleick3 stars starsScience and Technology
Why Buildings Fall DownMatthys Levi and Mario Salvadori3 stars starsScience and Technology
Why Companies FailMark Ingebretsen3 stars starsBusiness
Winning Through IntimidationPeter Ringer3 stars starsBusiness
With No ApologiesBarry Goldwater3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Without Reservations Bill Marriott 3 stars starsBiography
You2Price Pritchett3 stars starsCognition
100-Mile CityDeyan Sudjic2 stars starsScience and Technology
Accidental TheoristPaul Krugman2 stars starsEconomics
American College and the Culture of Aspiration, 1915-1940David O. Levine2 stars starsHistory/HistoricalHow the American college experience paved the way for the GI Bill, which in turn changed the country
Big DealBruce Wasserstein 2 stars starsBusiness
Boiling PointKevin Phillips2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA mediocre work on the hostility of the American middle class
Courage and Consequence: My life as a conservative in the fight Karl Rove 2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Dangerous Pursuits: Mergers and acquisitions in the age of Wall StreetWalter Adams and James Brock 2 stars starsBusiness
Energy: A GuidebookJanet Ramage2 stars starsScience and Technology
Farm CropsGraham Boatfield2 stars starsAgriculture
Food, Inc.Peter Pringle2 stars starsAgricultureStarts out anti-biotechnology, ends up pro
Giants of EnterpriseRichard Tedlow2 stars starsBiography
In My Time Dick Cheney 2 stars starsBiography
It Worked for MeColin Powell2 stars starsBiography
Kaizen: The key to Japan's competitive successMasaki Imai 2 stars starsBusiness
Lord of the FliesWilliam Golding2 stars starsLiterature
Mexico: From Independence to Revolution, 1810-1910W. Dirk Raat2 stars starsHistory/Historical
Simply ManagementMartin Richenhagen2 stars starsBusiness
The Samsung Way: Transformational management strategies from the world leader in innovation and designJaeyong Song and Kyungmook Lee 2 stars starsBusiness
Virtue of SelfishnessAyn Rand2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Wal-Mart WayDon Soderquist2 stars starsBusiness
Winning Modern WarsWesley Clark2 stars starsMilitary
101 Things I Learned in Architecture SchoolMatthew Frederick 5 stars starsDesign
Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad HaircutPJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Art of the MarketTamarkin and Krantz4 stars starsDesign
CEO of the Sofa PJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Chuck Jones: A flurry of drawingsKenner4 stars starsComic
Fart ProudlyBenjamin Franklin4 stars starsHumor
Give War a Chance PJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering MeJimmy Breslin4 stars starsBroadcasting and MediaBreslin's a fun and engaging writer, even when talking about his stroke
Jim Zabel: I love it, I love it, I love itJim Zabel4 stars starsBiographyJim Zabel was a personal friend and colleague
Leadership Secrets of Atilla the HunWess Roberts4 stars starsBusiness
Merchandise MartPridmore4 stars starsArchitecture
Parliament of Whores PJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Peril and PromiseJohn Chancellor4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Republican Party Reptile PJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Seinfeld ScriptsLarry David and Jerry Seinfeld4 stars starsHumor
The Bachelor Home CompanionPJ O'Rourke4 stars starsHumor
Wisdom from the Robber BaronsGeorge David Smith and Frederick Dalzell4 stars starsBusiness
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceRobert M. Pirsig4 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
500-Year DeltaJim Taylor and Watts Wacker3 stars starsScience and TechnologyFuturism
All the Best, George BushGeorge HW Bush3 stars starsAudio Books
Angela's AshesFrank McCourt3 stars starsLiterature
Call of the WildJack London3 stars starsLiterature
Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't EnoughJonathan Tisch3 stars starsBusiness
David Ogilvy: An AutobiographyDavid Ogilvy3 stars starsBroadcasting and MediaAn advertising man talks about himself
Designing the Total NewspaperEdmund Arnold3 stars starsDesign
Dirty Jokes and BeerDrew Carey3 stars starsHumor
Dynasties of the SeasLori Ann LaRocco3 stars starsBusinessAn interesting review of the shipping business
Elements of AgricultureGF Warren3 stars starsAgriculture
Empire: William S. Paley and the Making of CBSLewis J. Paper3 stars starsBroadcasting and Media
Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian HousesLind3 stars starsArchitecture
FreefallWilliam and Marilyn Mona Hoffer3 stars starsOther
Greed is Good: The Capitalist Pig's Guide to InvestingJonathan Hoenig3 stars starsInvesting
Here's JohnnyEd McMahon3 stars starsHumorMcMahon's memoir is a little too heavy on the inconsequential
How to Cartoon or Caricature AnyoneMark Linley3 stars starsOther
How to Retire Young and RichJoseph S. Coyle3 stars starsInvesting
How to Think Like a CEODebra Benton3 stars starsBusiness
How to Watch TV NewsNeil Postman, Steve Powers3 stars starsBroadcasting and Media
Iacocca: An AutobiographyLee Iacocca3 stars starsBusiness Biography
Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family BusinessQuentin J. Fleming3 stars starsBusiness
Last Great RideBrandon Tartikoff3 stars starsBroadcasting and MediaHow Bill Cosby, Cheers, and ALF took NBC to the top in the 1980s
Like I Was Sayin' Mike Royko3 stars starsHumorGood collection of witty newspaper columns
Losers / Trail FeverMichael Lewis 3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Magazine CoversDavid Crowley3 stars starsDesign
Mastering LayoutStevens3 stars starsDesign
My Life in JokesBob Hope3 stars starsHumor
Naked AirportAlastair Gordon3 stars starsDesign
New PositioningJack Trout3 stars starsBusiness
Perot: An Unauthorized BiographyTodd Mason3 stars starsBusiness Biography
Pleased But Not SatisfiedDavid Sokol3 stars starsBusinessHarmless to good; easily read in an hour
Poor Richard's Guide to E-Mail PublishingChris Pirillo3 stars starsOther
RantsDennis Miller3 stars starsHumor
Ronald Reagan: A Remarkable LifeJH Cardigan3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
SeabiscuitLaura Hillenbrand3 stars starsHistory/Historical
SenatorWilliam Jaspersohn3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Size Matters: Effective Graphic Design for Large Amounts of InformationLakshmi Bhaskaran3 stars starsDesign
Son of Web Pages that SuckVincent Flanders3 stars starsDesign
Stand for Something: The battle for America's soulJohn Kasich 3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Studies in DesignDresser3 stars starsDesign
Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood geek Olivia Munn 3 stars starsHumor
Tabloid Design for the Organizational PressRaymond Dorn3 stars starsDesign
The ITT WarsRand Araskog 3 stars starsBusiness
The Real AmericaGlenn Beck3 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Think and Grow RichNapoleon Hill3 stars starsInvesting
TornadoJohn Stanford3 stars starsScience and TechnologyObviously more meaningful to Midwesterners than to other Americans
Unemotional InvestorRobert Sheard3 stars starsInvesting
Wizard of AdsRoy H. Williams3 stars starsBusiness
Your Wealth-Building YearsAdriane Berg3 stars starsInvesting
100 Things You're Not Supposed to KnowRuss Kick2 stars starsOther
A Reporter's LifeWalter Cronkite2 stars starsBroadcasting and MediaAmerica's anchor has great stories, but he's a terrible writer
Boomerang: Travels in the new Third WorldMichael Lewis2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Broadcast and Cable ProgrammingEastman2 stars starsBroadcasting and Media
Buffalo Creek DisasterGerald M. Stern2 stars starsBusiness
Building WealthRuss Whitney2 stars starsInvesting
Buy Your First Home NowPeter Miller2 stars starsInvesting
CryptologyBuetelspacher2 stars starsScience and Technology
Designing Direct Mail that SellsSandra Blum2 stars starsDesign
Downsize This!Michael Moore2 stars starsAudio Books
Everyday Survival: Why smart people do stupid thingsLaurence Gonzales 2 stars starsOther
Faith of My FathersJohn McCain2 stars starsAudio Books
Financing Real EstateBoykin2 stars starsInvesting
Four-Hour Work WeekFerriss2 stars starsBusinessNot nearly as useful as it should be
Frozen RepublicDaniel Lazare2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyBlames the Constitution for making political reform impossible
Going to Pieces Without Falling ApartEpstein2 stars starsCognition
Hire and Keep the Best PeopleBrian Tracy2 stars starsBusiness
How Do They Do That?Michael Powell2 stars starsOther
How to Become a RainmakerFox2 stars starsBusiness
If It's Not Close, They Can't CheatHugh Hewitt2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Images of GreatnessPete Souza2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Jungle Rules: How to Be a Tiger in BusinessJohn Imlay2 stars starsBusiness
Liberation ManagementTom Peters2 stars starsAudio Books
Light PollutionBob Mizon2 stars starsScience and Technology
Megatrends John Naisbitt2 stars starsOther
Novice to ExpertSJ Scott2 stars starsPsychology
Our Plan for AmericaJohn Kerry and John Edwards2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyTechnocratic, bureaucratic, and interventionist answers to all our problems
Pilgrimage to Warren Buffett's OmahaJeff Matthews2 stars starsInvesting
Power of We: Succeeding Through Partnerships02 stars starsBusiness
Read All About It!James D. Squires2 stars starsBroadcasting and MediaLots of navel-gazing about news media ownership
Rich Dad, Poor DadRobert T. Kiyosaki2 stars starsInvestingWidely overrated; author apparently too cheap to hire a copy editor
Road AheadBill Gates2 stars starsScience and TechnologyOne might expect deeper thoughts from the nation's richest man
Searching for MemoryDaniel Schacter2 stars starsPsychology
Should Students Share the Power?Earl J. McGrath2 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Sign WarsGoldman2 stars starsBusiness
SybillFlora R. Schreiber2 stars starsPsychology
The Antitrust LawsJohn Shenefield and Irwin Stelzer2 stars starsBusiness
The AssociatesRichard Rayner2 stars starsHistory/Historical
The NumberEisenberg2 stars starsInvesting
Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom2 stars starsOtherDidn't live up to the hype
Victor PadriniMark Pizzimenti2 stars starsMilitary
Web Type ExpertTom Arah2 stars starsDesign
Well Done!Dave Thomas2 stars starsBusiness BiographyLess insightful than one might expect
Who Killed CBS?Peter Boyer2 stars starsBroadcasting and Media
Who Moved My Cheese?Spencer Johnson2 stars starsBusinessAstonishing that anyone was paid to write this
Why Government Doesn't WorkHarry Browne2 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA broadside, not a groundbreaking work
Wrong StuffTruman Smith2 stars starsMilitaryReminisces of fighting in WWII, with plenty of dirty old man stories
All In: The education of General David Petraeus Vernon Loeb and Paula Broadwell 1 stars starsBiography
Art of the DealDonald Trump1 stars starsBusiness BiographyAn insufferable blowhard praises himself
Hard ChoicesHillary Clinton1 stars starsBiography
Indians in American SocietyPrucha1 stars starsHistory/Historical
Re-Inventing the CorporationJohn Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene1 stars starsBusiness
Taking HeatAri Fleischer 1 stars starsBiography
The Medium is the MassageMarshall J. McLuhan1 stars starsBroadcasting and MediaReads like someone needed to lay off the LSD
Thomas Woodrow WilsonSigmund Freud and William C. Bullitt1 stars starsPsychology
Ungovernable CityDouglas Yates1 stars starsPolitics and Philosophy
Winning Back AmericaHoward Dean1 stars starsPolitics and PhilosophyA dull catalogue of Dean's eccentricities
Appeeling: The best of Bo NanasJohn Kovaleski5 stars starsComicA clever comic collection
Calvin and HobbesBill Watterson5 stars starsComic
Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat IdiotAl Franken2 stars starsAudio BooksInconsequential rambling
Emergency: This book will save your lifeNeil Strauss1 stars starsOtherInsufferable
Feel this BookBen Stiller and Janeane Garofalo1 stars starsHumorYou'll find more laughs in an issue of Consumer Reports
Fifth Discipline Peter Senge1 stars starsOther