Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 3, 2006

Business and Finance Which way will China go?
Peaceful growth? Regional powerhouse? Global hegemony? Whatever the case, the US needs to urgently undertake a growth mentality

Computers and the Internet Security "joke" spooks Firefox team
Presenter at a conference claimed to be showing a significant exploit that could have been directed against Firefox -- now, he says it was only a joke. Mozilla is angry because they say it took up resources for them to go chasing the fake flaw.

Graphics Renewed Focus

Socialism Doesn't Work Federal government wants to kill online gambling
The real question: Why? What is so uniquely vile about Internet gambling that it must be made illegal? What's the imminent threat to Americans' health and safety? It can't be the Internet itself, since just about everyone uses it for all kinds of good and worthwhile pursuits. And it can't be gambling itself, since we have state-run lotteries, multi-state lotteries, government-owned casino/horse tracks, and Las Vegas. So if the Internet is OK, and gambling is OK, then why is it more important for Congress and the President to interfere with Internet gambling than to, say, find Osama Bin Laden? Dear Politicians: Stop acting like busybodies and get to work on things that really matter, or you're fired.

Socialism Doesn't Work North Korea says it plans to test a nuke
The country's propaganda arm says the US has started an arms race and claims that North Korea has to respond in kind. At the same time, South Korea's foreign minister is emerging as the leading candidate to replace Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General.

Humor and Good News Abstract cactus art or hand flipping the bird?
Neighborhood dispute turns into a hand gesture on the side of a house. Creative.

Water News Benefits of the ethanol boom

Humor and Good News Guy Smiley

Iowa Iowa's first gubernatorial debate
Iowa's candidates for governor squared off in what was less than a grand exchange of ideas. Their only real differences were over nonsense social issues that are never decided by the governor anyway and have nothing to do with making Iowa a better place.