Evaluating Iowa's Candidates for Governor in 2006
Brian Gongol

Candidate Party Website Iowa Values Fund Economic Keystone Business Experience
Chet Culver Democrat Chet Culver Supports Somewhat $100 million taxpayer-funded subsidy for energy sector None
Jim Nussle Republican Jim Nussle Opposes Mainly tax cuts None

Dropped Out of Race
Patty Judge Democrat Patty Judge Supports Health care reform and school spending Real-Estate Broker
Bob Vander Plaats Republican Bob Vander Plaats Opposes Concentrates on tax reform and balanced budget Private Consultant
Mike Blouin Democrat Mike Blouin Supports Mainly government intervention for economic development Chamber of Commerce Exec
Sal Mohamed Democrat Sal Mohamed "Managed" plan to raise per-capita income Pharmaceutical Engineer
Ed Fallon Democrat Ed Fallon Opposes "Socially progressive and fiscally conservative"; opposes subsidies but supports regulations
Vernon Weems Democrat None Wants impractical and likely unconstitutional export tariff on Iowa products Business Consultant
Mark Yackle Democrat None