Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 10, 2006

News Salman Rushdie says Muslim women should abandon veils
Backs former UK foreign secretary Jack Straw who said he's uncomfortable talking to people whom he can't see face-to-face

News "An Army of One" is out, "Army Strong" is in

Business and Finance Buffett warns employees about unethical behavior
The concept of "business ethics" is a faulty one; there is ethical behavior and there is unethical behavior. Whether it takes place in the realm of business makes no difference.

Business and Finance A very smart approach to money-management for married couples
Joint accounts, handled the right way, can be used to build trust rather than instigate arguments

Water News USDA researchers think storms will get more erosive over next century

Threats and Hazards Terrorist attack in Philippines kills at least 6
Regional police blame Jemaah Islamiyah for bombing

Aviation News Security-related evacuation at Heathrow
Heathrow is definitely a terrorist target, so any serious risk deserves attention

Business and Finance Is Putin destined to be a KGB man forever?
He's visiting Germany for talks with Merkel, but tensions with Georgia are getting pretty nasty, including some deportations, and that reflects badly on the Russian government at a time when it's trying to express Russian interest in buying European companies

Health WHO says massive TB outbreak could be headed for EU
Lots of people infected with drug-resistant strains of the disease are delivering it to Europe from Central Asia

Graphics Coursing Flows