Gongol.com Archives: December 2006
Brian Gongol

December 8, 2006

Business and Finance Blockbuster tries an end-run around Netflix
Rent online, return to the store for new rentals

News Wall Street Journal to get a lot narrower

Graphics Peak Performance

Computers and the Internet "The high cost of spam"
Good introductory article talks about the not-so-obvious costs of spam, but misses entirely the fact that fradulent e-mail is an ideal tool for organized criminal groups to use to raise money

Water News Clock ticking for nitrogen on soil and nitrates in water

Weather and Disasters Government has recovered practically none of the mis-spent Katrina money
Observe as the snowball effect takes over: People who made voluntary contributions to the relief effort in addition to what the government sent will start to pull back; having been burned once, they'll be reluctant to give again in the future.

Socialism Doesn't Work The problem with New York's "trans fat" ban
Just like banning junk food in schools, prohibiting the use of certain ingredients in restaurants -- unless it's something like arsenic -- is probably government over-reach. Is it also government's job to require me to wear a scarf and mittens when it's cold outside?

Iowa Candidate declines job offer, so U of Iowa continues presidential search of Homeric proportions
Why the Regents insist upon making the presidential search a bigger and more complicated job than it really is remains a mystery.

Business and Finance European Central Bank hikes rates
Apparently still trying to hold off inflation. Unemployment is still well under control on the American side of the pond, though whether it's spun as good news or bad news depends upon the source. Either way, the Fed may hold on interest rates for a while.

The United States of America Mary Cheney's having a baby
The President says he's "very happy" for the mother and her lesbian partner