Gongol.com Archives: December 2006
Brian Gongol

December 12, 2006

Graphics Mob Justice

Health Even thin people may be fat inside

Computers and the Internet December 2006 Patch Tuesday includes three "critical", four "important" updates
The update is available now

Socialism Doesn't Work "Project Destiny" group wants a special vote on July 10 to raise taxes
Project Destiny would be a tax hike by stealth, and voters need to be aware of that

Iowa Iowa Regents approve higher tuition
One question that stands out: Why does tuition continue to rise much faster than inflation? It's not like they're building classrooms out of stainless steel, the price of which is rising absurdly fast. Another good question: Why are they getting rid of the 50% rule?

Iowa Rep. Jim Leach looking for retirement options
Some want him to become the new UN ambassador

Water News Great Lakes deal would prohibit shipping water outside region

Socialism Doesn't Work Just when the world thought Russia was no longer Communist
"Shell will not be able to defend its economic interests in a civilised process with the Russian authorities, so they will be obliged to give up control" of the world's biggest liquefied natural-gas project which they had been building in Russia. That means losing their majority stake in a $20 billion investment.

Iowa Unintended consequences: Over-restricting sex offenders makes them hard to track
Since Iowa started enforcing a law prohibiting sex offenders from living within 2000 feet of just about anything public, the state has lost track of twice as many sex offenders as before. It would probably be best to know where they are.