Gongol.com Archives: December 2006
Brian Gongol

December 13, 2006

Socialism Doesn't Work Want free stuff? Move to the UK
And declare asylum. It may take them a while to yank benefits from cheaters.

Humor and Good News Blue Man Group does "Don't Stop Believing"

Agriculture How long before 300 bushels of corn per acre?
Related: What's the future of irrigation?

Graphics Purple and Gold

Socialism Doesn't Work 25th anniversary of martial law in Poland
December 13, 1981 was a watershed day -- when the Communist government of Poland declared martial law in response to unrest led by the opposition movement. The subsequent months included and rations and shortages, just as one might expect. The victims of Communism deserve to be remembered.

Humor and Good News What you can learn about color from Yogi Bear cartoons

Water News Iowa regulators trying to figure out if state has enough water

Computers and the Internet Kill a video-game character, go to real-life prison
German politicians are proposing a new law to make "cruel violence on humans" in video games an actual real-life offense. Meanwhile, some in Congress want to tax transactions in "Second Life". The virtual world is getting pretty concrete.

Socialism Doesn't Work City-owned liquor stores: Nyet, comrade
Minnesota grocers want the state to repeal a rule requiring that liquor be sold in a given municipality either in city-owned stores or in private stores, but not both. Some towns make up to half a million dollars each year selling liquor, and putting a ban on private sales naturally helps cement the monopoly. Isn't the whole idea just a little too Communistic?

Aviation News "Hours flying solo in a single-engine piston airplane ... do us no good at the airlines"
International Civil Aviation Organization plans to let airline co-pilots build up the bulk of their training hours in simulators rather than real aircraft.