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Brian Gongol

December 21, 2006

Graphics Pay Up, Sucka

Water News Power-less pumps cause sewage spill

Broadcasting Show notes from December 21, 2006
Filling in for Steve Deace on WHO Radio

Computers and the Internet Adobe launches new ultra-minimalist icons
Having an icon in a computer user's system tray is one of the most powerful marketing tools around. Many computer users work at their desks for eight hours a day, so that icon is riveted into their brains. That icon had better be good.

Humor and Good News Aggressive play on fourth down works, so why don't coaches do it?

Socialism Doesn't Work Less pork but more waste
A couple of Senators want to impose a 27.5% tax on imports from China. If they say it's "for the children," people might actually fall for this nonsense.

Threats and Hazards Political parties requiring stealth are either truly oppressed or too extreme
In a statist society like North Korea, a legitimately freedom-loving opposition movement would have to be stealthy. But in a free country like Britain, one has to suspect that the use of fake identities and secret meeting places is a signal that something foul is afoot. That seems to be the case with a political party that seems to endorse racism. Sunshine is a great disinfectant.

Humor and Good News Light as art
Extremely reminiscent of certain Blue Man Group performances. Equally cool in a different way are certain postcards from the flying-car future.

Iowa Even police need to use extra caution at railroad crossings
Iowa State Trooper seriously injured in a collision with a train near Spencer

Weather and Disasters Stone-Age conditions persist in Seattle
People have gone without power for so long that the Seattle Times put public-service information about preventing carbon-monoxide poisoning from portable heaters in the prime real estate position of the paper.

Threats and Hazards Ukrainian hospital accused of killing healthy newborns to harvest stem cells
An example of why the catchphrase should always be "free markets under the rule of law." Without the rule of law to guarantee the rights of the defenseless (like newborns), the civil society that makes a market economy possible falls apart. That those laws should be kept to a minimum is not a contradiction of the necessity of having some laws in the first place.

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