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Brian Gongol

December 29, 2006

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News How news sites covered the death of Saddam Hussein
Approaches range from the subdued (CNN) to the tabloid (Fox)

News World's oldest printed newspaper moves permanently to Internet
No more printed version for subscribers of the "Post-och Inrikes Tidningar" of Sweden

Science and Technology Getting smarter with video games and lights-out showering

The United States of America Ford's "Whip Inflation Now" speech

Humor and Good News 90-second films for the short attention span

News "Now Ireland is richer than Britain, and has not only a Republic, but also better beer."
A modest proposal for Palestinians who actually want peace: Follow the Irish Republican model

The American Way US economy continues to grow at a "C" pace
Right about average, according to a college-style grading scale

The United States of America Obama-for-President commercials hit the Iowa airwaves
A vote for Senator Obama is a vote for old socialistic platitudes: No reform for Social Security, no real fix for Medicare, and no freedom of trade. On economic policy, the Senator has nothing to offer. John Edwards also promises more socialism.

The American Way Infrastructure matters
Bad roads make it really hard to conduct business, which gets in the way of development

Socialism Doesn't Work "A flight of no return"
What it's like being a Cuban-American with family split between Cuba and the United States -- and then trying to reunify the two. It's 2006 and Communism is still the law of the land in Cuba.

Science and Technology Best construction photos of 2006

Humor and Good News "Pharmaco-architourism"
Visiting great architecture while high on prescription drugs

News Feds to go through names and tests on 100 MLB players to check for drugs
9th Circuit court approved the investigation, which says that about 100 baseball players have used performance-enhancing drugs. A good point on the subject: It's not all about Barry Bonds. There are hundreds and hundreds of players in Major League Baseball, some of whom may have turned to steroids just to make the cut. Under those conditions, it may be more like truckers using amphetamines than a question of cheating one's way to star performance -- not that either of those is a good choice.

The American Way The Economist: "Happiness" is not the right measure for an economy
Agreed. Enthusiastically.

Business and Finance Last-minute tax planning advice
Make your charitable contributions, take capital losses if necessary, and get retirement documentation in place

Humor and Good News Scores of illustrators and artists try their hand at "Peace"
Including this one

Business and Finance The fewer the loopholes and exemptions, the less the chances of corruption
Iowa's 9% income tax with lots of exemptions probably lends itself to plenty of abuse that isn't possible in states with lower, flatter taxes without many exemptions

Graphics Off the Charts

Water News High ethanol demand is pushing Western farmers to think about raising corn

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