Gongol.com Archives: January 2007
Brian Gongol

January 4, 2007

Threats and Hazards Comptroller General says US budget is completely out of control

Humor and Good News The world's worst theme park

Weather and Disasters "We're doing the same things we have in the past but expecting different results"
Re-construction in New Orleans is happening everywhere, including some places that civil engineers say ought to be abandoned due to the flooding risk

News Some of the creepier irrational conspiracy theories of our time

Health Exactly what are they looking for in urinalysis?

The United States of America US ambassador to Iraq to become ambassador to UN
ABC says Zalmay Khalilzad will be nominated for the UN job tomorrow

News US Navy shows up off coast of Somalia
Trying to keep Islamic militants from escaping the country. What's often forgotten about Somalia is that it shares a very long border with Ethiopia...and what's often forgotten about Ethiopia is that it's the 16th-largest independent country in the world, with 75 million people. No one wants a destabilized region of 75 million people.

Computers and the Internet Patch Tuesday will include "critical" Windows and Office updates
Coming Tuesday around noon Central Time

Iowa Zoo and City of Des Moines arguing over expansion plans

Socialism Doesn't Work Socialized medicine drops the ball again
A bunch of operations are being put on hold in the UK as the National Health Service tries to balance its books before the end of the fiscal year

Computers and the Internet Peak oil and peak weblogs

News How huge front-page photos can miss the mark
Newspaper design consultant says that huge photos are pretty, but don't really do much for the reader

Humor and Good News How treadmill dancing put OK Go on the music scene

Water News Iowa state climatologist not worried about snow deficit

Graphics Castle View