Gongol.com Archives: January 2007
Brian Gongol

January 6, 2007

News Israel plans a nuclear strike on Iran
They're likely not coordinating with China, which is trying diplomatic pressure in order to break Iran of its nuclear-weapons ambitions. But Israel might be inclined to take more direct action, since they're within range of an attack from Tehran.

Humor and Good News Astroturf in the median

Weather and Disasters 15-foot-deep avalanche west of Denver

News Drug gang attacks Border Patrol on Arizona/Mexico border
Of course, the story will be spun as an illegal immigration/"tighten the borders" issue, while the real matter at hand is how the drug trade and drug laws up the ante for organized criminals

Business and Finance Don't buy magazines sold door-to-door
Unless it's really (and demonstrably) a kid from the neighborhood trying to raise money for a baseball team. Those young people who show up occasionally at your door from "anywhere but here" are probably being run ragged through a corrupt system

Computers and the Internet "[T]he curve to get up and going was sufficiently steep (meaning I had to read something)"
An estimate on the number of users of Second Life and a passing thought or two on why lots of people still won't take part. Lots of people are signing up then not participating, which is no big surprise since so many of us are living in Real Life

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