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Brian Gongol

January 14, 2007

Broadcasting Radio show notes from January 14, 2007

Business and Finance Baltimore spends $2 million on "Believe" ad campaign
It's an anti-drug campaign. Ironically, it comes at a time when a Congressional rush to raise the minimum wage may be creating a counter-effect, by making it harder for kids to get starter jobs, thus keeping them occupied in legal and productive activity. The macro forces at play (like the minimum-wage effect on starter jobs) are so big that it seems unlikely that any ad campaign will permanently overcome them.

Business and Finance Economics still seeking miracle cure for poverty

Threats and Hazards National Security Adviser won't rule out attack on Iran

Humor and Good News Most people are naturally good: More evidence
Seven passers-by aided a police officer in lifting a car off a woman and holding it off her until rescue crews could arrive at the scene of a crash

Business and Finance Is the new Congress hostile to Federal Reserve independence?
Central-bank independence is one of those "must-have" elements of a healthy economy; some think that no matter how angry a Democratic Congress might become with the Fed, the consequences of meddling would be too great to risk

Computers and the Internet Putting a dead hard drive in the freezer might help it recover
Some say it might work, others call it a farce, but it seems plausible enough that it's worth a try as a last-ditch effort. Hard drives are, in fact, machines, so it's possible that by freezing them, one might be able to move parts that may be stuck in the wrong place.

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