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Brian Gongol

January 16, 2007

News Should downtown redevelopment schemes include higher education?

Threats and Hazards Crooks sending fake lottery checks to Iowans
"Scores" of Iowans have received and complained about the letters, and some have lost thousands of dollars to the criminals. This kind of crime makes at least some sense (from the criminal's point of view): Lottery players are more often less-educated than the average individual, so the kinds of people who might be expected to play (and thus think they've won) are likely to be less sophisticated in their knowledge of how to deal with mail fraud.

Humor and Good News "13 photographs that changed the world"

Graphics Olympian

Water News Computer security meets water security

The United States of America Sen. Obama announces he's running for President
So does Rep. Tom Tancredo. And the list of declared Presidential candidates for 2008 gets a little bit longer. So far, only two candidates are even remotely pro-market.

Iowa Proposal would require Iowa students to take ACT as graduation requirement
Other bills under consideration would close polling places earlier, which sounds on the surface like a terrible idea, and raise the speed limits on secondary highways, which sounds just fine.

News Nebraska governor's State of the State Address
Calls for lower taxes and -- surprise! -- economic-development spending, which should serve as a reminder that every state is pouring money down the cosmic bunny-hole that is "economic development incentives."

The United States of America How states are trying to deal with REAL ID
The Federal act makes a mess of legal identifications, and the states have neither the funding nor the instructions necessary to make it happen

Computers and the Internet Ridiculously elaborate Japanese emoticons

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