Gongol.com Archives: February 2007
Brian Gongol

February 3, 2007

Weather and Disasters Brutal winter cuts into Girl Scout Cookie revenues
Colorado has basically run out of chemical de-icer and is relying on salt and sand. It's hard to keep in mind that chemical de-icers have only been in use for a decade or two. Before that, salt and sand were the only options.

Aviation News "I might have been verbally aggressive, but I don't remember threating with a bomb"
Russian says he didn't really mean to hijack a plane back in December...but he was pretty drunk at the time

Business and Finance Shell makes loads of money but won't buy back shares
Also says oil production will slip through 2010, especially because of trouble in Nigeria

Computers and the Internet Security Update for February 3, 2007

Humor and Good News Bear Down, Chicago Bears
(Video) The Bears' fight song has been around since 1941, but it's times like these that everyone joins in the fun...including opera singers and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. But don't sing it to Dennis Green.

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