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Brian Gongol

February 15, 2007

Humor and Good News Nebraska pharmacy students create "Calvin and Hobbes" snowman tribute

Broadcasting ABC's Internet folks prove themselves just as dumb as NBC's
Tonight's episode of Scrubs (aired on NBC, but produced by Disney/ABC subsidiary Touchstone Pictures) included a prominent reference to a website called TheToddTime.com. ABC bought the domain, but naturally they weren't smart enough to actually put anything up on the site. Most people couldn't even get the site to load. After NBC's HornyManatee.com fiasco, you'd think someone would pay more attention.

Graphics Graphic of the day: Lullaby

Weather and Disasters Crazy circulation pattern over Lake Superior

Health Cancer-killing compound discovered by accident
A lab accident that killed some cancer cells may have revealed a new way of destroying colorectal cancer cells by attacking the proteins that form their building blocks. And if that's not good enough news, the Samuel Adams folks have designed a better beer glass. Progress abounds.

Computers and the Internet Security researcher says an old browser problem remains unfixed

Computers and the Internet Google Maps now includes much more-detailed building outlines
Get lost in higher definition than ever before. Not everywhere, yet: Iowa's tallest building is still invisible on the maps

Socialism Doesn't Work Underpaid state legislators are a recipe for influence-peddling and corruption
Most state legislators have to spend at least 2/3rds of a full-time work week doing their legislative jobs; paying them $21,400 a year (like Iowa) or even less (like $1,050 in Alabama) is a good way to ensure that lots of people can't afford to serve their own communities -- and to create a very high risk that the people who end up getting those jobs will be invited to corruption

Water News Rural water associations may be kept away from towns

Broadcasting US brigadier general asks "24" producers to take it easy with the torture

News 474 years after Henry VIII, Catholics are the largest religious group in the UK
Immigration from heavily Catholic countries (like Poland) and the general lack of growth within the Church of England mean that 474 years after Henry the Eighth said, "Sayonara!" to the Pope, the Catholic church is again the biggest in the United Kingdom.

Business and Finance London's fight over "congestion pricing" on the roads

News "An attack on Iran would destroy all the young voices"

Broadcasting No one knows how much video people are watching online
Meanwhile, the BBC is trying to gain a bigger share of American television

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