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Brian Gongol

February 18, 2007

Broadcasting Radio show notes from the Brian Gongol Show

Threats and Hazards Father of Salt Lake City shooter thinks someone trained his kid
He killed five people before being stopped. If it was a planned attack, that's a scary proposition. Meanwhile, terrorists appear to have attacked a train in India, killing 66 people, and a Sunni militant group claims responsibility for a car bombing in Iran last week.

Socialism Doesn't Work Sen. Clinton stakes socialist claim to profits
Wants to seize profits from oil companies; who's next? It's frightening that among the declared Presidential candidates for 2008, only about five show any respect for free-market economics; the rest are heavily socialist.

News Anglican-Catholic union could be on the way
Proposal to reunite the churches could be published this year

Business and Finance Happy Chinese New Year
To celebrate, the Chinese government just increased the reserve ratio for domestic banks from 9.5% to 10%. They're worried the economy is too hot.

Health Is there something wrong with flu vaccines?

Humor and Good News Back to 1981
(Video) Hilarious (in retrospect) opening sequence to local news in Minneapolis. It's hard to tell what's funniest: The Synth-o-Craptic theme song, the angry editor filing papers, or (probably) the over-eager long-haired two-finger typist.

News Palestinian president promises Secretary Rice that Hamas deal is for peace
But sustainable peace won't happen in the Palestinian territories until their economy makes significant headway

Threats and Hazards Indian police find mass grave for baby girls

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