Gongol.com Archives: February 2007
Brian Gongol

February 19, 2007

Iowa Governor Culver boots National Guard general from homeland-security advisor post
Replaces a Major General in the National Guard with his lieutenant governor. What makes her qualified? Isn't her role already an advisory one to the governor? Why would he give the National Guard boss the boot?

Iowa Note to bad guys: Don't act like you're going to run over a police officer
They have guns and know how to use them

News BBC poll says majorities in 27 countries think Islam and Western nations can get along
Which, naturally, they have to. Belief in "inevitable" large-scale conflict or a titanic clash of civilizations seems to overlook that, for the most part, people tend to be good by nature and don't have much reason to want to go to war with one another.

Water News Iowa legislators want stormwater pilot projects

Aviation News 13 different planes get cracked windshields at DIA

Computers and the Internet Google is working on AI
Artificial intelligence for the world's biggest search engine? On one hand, a perfectly logical "next step." On the other -- well, there are lots of crooks already seeking to pollute the world's storehouse of knowledge.

News Unsafe at any height
Dizzying open atrium of the Shanghai Grand Hyatt looks like the kind of place it would be altogether too easy to fall down

Graphics Graphic of the day: Gravity

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