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Brian Gongol

February 21, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: On the Big Screen

Humor and Good News Ask not what Hugh can do

Humor and Good News "British air travellers are one mini-bar shortage away from reverting to cannibalism"
And even British crooks seem to have a violent streak about them

News Time to hit the gas in Nebraska
Nebraska's unicameral (though possibly not for long) state legislature voted 48-0 to increase the statewide speed limit for secondary highways to 65 miles per hour

Health Don't buy antibacterial soap
It's no more effective than regular soap, and in addition to probably causing ordinary bacteria to develop resistance to the antibacterial drugs we actually need, they may also weaken your immune system. Children especially need normal exposure to bacteria in order to develop immune systems that will work when they become adults. Besides, there are huge numbers of bacteria called commensal bacteria that may be necessary hangers-on in each person's body.

Aviation News Speedbird gives Airbus the bird
British Airways is snubbing Airbus and buying a bunch of new 777's from Boeing instead of any new A330's from the European manufacturer. It's the first step in a multi-order process of replacing older planes this year, so what happens in later orders will show in which direction the former British flag carrier is flying.

Socialism Doesn't Work Biological waste
Iowa HF 356 would give away tax breaks and taxpayer dollars in order to subsidize "high-quality jobs" in the bioscience fields. Why do state lawmakers keep insisting upon spending some people's tax money to subsidize jobs for other people, just because the subsidized jobs sound cool? Iowa is already a brutally-overtaxed state. It's time to stop the nonsense and let the market decide which jobs will be "created" and which ones won't.

Iowa Riverboat casinos in Iowa may just become casinos (hold the water)

Aviation News British regulators say Irish pilots land while going too fast

News World's longest war: 335 years
The shortest: 38 minutes.

Water News Platte West plant now 65% done

Computers and the Internet Ever so slightly less spam in January than in December
And if people were smart enough to ignore any and every spam message in their inboxes, it would have to end eventually

Computers and the Internet The complicated way of getting Hal to self-destruct
Voice-recognition software + nefarious websites = potential for trouble

Socialism Doesn't Work "Developing the economy by giving money away"
More on the backwards ways of contemporary economic-development incentives. Some people still don't understand basic economics. Unfortunately, they're found in high proportions among people who make public policy.

Business and Finance Getting rich the un-sexy way

News Ash Wednesday is not actually a holy day of obligation

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