Gongol.com Archives: February 2007
Brian Gongol

February 26, 2007

News Bomb blast at base where Vice President was staying on surprise visit
Cheney wasn't injured in the attack on the Bagram base in Afghanistan, where he was making a previously-unannounced visit

News Retiring professor says "No Child Left Behind" ruins education

Broadcasting Happy birthday, Voice of America
The international broadcasting service is one of the most important and effective tools of influence and diplomacy in the American arsenal

The United States of America When did they redesign the White House website?
It's a lot better than it was before. Whether they were taking the advice of Andy Rutledge is uncertain.

Computers and the Internet 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds

Business and Finance One in six Americans relies on public assistance
That's guaranteed to get worse once the Baby Boomers retire en masse

The United States of America Please, please, please: No Presidency by PowerPoint
2008 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney apparently likes giving speeches with the aid of PowerPoint. But if there's one thing that's no good for Presidents to use when thinking about strategy, it's PowerPoint.

News The world's subway maps, all in one place

Humor and Good News "Textspeak - the nail in the coffin of the English language"
"By the year 2030, all human beings will be known by their first initial followed by the word 'Dogg'"

Computers and the Internet Strong passwords: Good for security, and easy to create

Humor and Good News Dancer swings her leg through a 360 revolution
Really. It's from 1932.

The American Way UK Conservatives now campaigning against national ID cards
Good for them. American conservatives ought to take a cue from their British brethren: ID cards -- including as instituted through the Federal "Real ID" act -- are a bad idea

Weather and Disasters Storms cause worst power outages in at least a decade

Iowa Gas tax hike coming for Iowa?
In the long run, the gas tax is a dead duck. Related: Ten Big Answers You Won't Get from a Politician.

Socialism Doesn't Work Airbus: Where politics is more important than business sense
The deadweight of government industrial policy is squeezing the life out of a cross-border entrepreneurial experiment. Now there's talk of extending the 35-hour work week that France imposed by law in 2000, which an IMF study shows is hugely counterproductive. Meanwhile, Germany wants to push Britain out of its share of Airbus production to make up for planned job cuts. How long before China decides to start manufacturing its own aircraft?

Humor and Good News The IRS's list of "frivolous arguments" they won't accept for tax avoidance

The American Way February 26, 2007 Carnival of the Capitalists

Graphics Graphic of the day: Country Curtains

Threats and Hazards Red Cross nervous about Mogadishu

Water News Fewer students entering engineering just as demand skyrockets

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