Gongol.com Archives: February 2007
Brian Gongol

February 27, 2007

News Can taxi drivers reject passengers for drinking?
Does it make a difference if they're doing it because of religious objections? What if the drivers are Muslims? What if they also want to refuse to carry passengers using seeing-eye dogs? How does that compare to a restaurant refusing service to a customer due to racial discrimination?

Weather and Disasters Another winter storm is about to whoop up on Iowa
It's going to hit Minnesota, too, where forecasters are musing about how it's expected to be the worst one-two punch since 1982. And it's fair to say that weather forecasting is at least a little more sophisticated than it was in 1982.

Health We've only known about blood types for about a hundred years

Graphics Graphic of the day: 1984 Newscast

News Al Gore's $2,500-a-month energy bill

News Woman arrested for selling her baby as down payment on a car
That's why anarcho-capitalism is a step too far: The rule of law is needed to step in to keep the powerful (in this case, mothers) from violating the human rights of the weak (in this case, the baby) for personal gain

Business and Finance China's stock market tanks by 9% in a day
Biggest loss in a decade

The American Way GE says it's found a way to make incandescent bulbs super-efficient
In fact, just as efficient as compact fluorescent bulbs, which are hard on the eyes, even if at least one California state legislator wants to make their cousins, the incandescents, illegal. There's just something that feels Stalinist about banning certain types of light bulbs...especially when the private sector (as evidenced by the GE announcement) is able to come up with palatable answers on its own. Who wouldn't buy a super-efficient light bulb, if it were just as good as today's bulbs and used less energy for the money?

Threats and Hazards 18 people killed in attack on base where Vice President Cheney was staying

Humor and Good News Escher drawing interpreted in Lego blocks
Almost as funny: Retirement home uses Nintendo Wii to bring bowling to the people

Science and Technology Doublespeak endangers science
Study suggests that government influence is being used to pressure scientists to use words like "emergence" and "spread" instead of "evolution" in their research studies

Water News Winter storm can endanger public drinking water

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