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Brian Gongol

April 4, 2007

Business and Finance Nebraska state "venture capital" plan is a bad idea
What compelling state interest is there in making speculative "investments"? It's an improper role for government, just like the Iowa Power Fund.

News British sailors released
But the Iranian leadership may have really done a number on itself with the whole affair. Iran is still ruled by a "Supreme Leader" who is chosen by religious authorities.

The United States of America At least a couple of Vermonters want independent passports
There's really a group dedicated to secession for the Green Mountain State. Just like the Free State Project, which is an effort by libertarians to take over New Hampshire, the whole thing is useful only as a talking point. What American politics needs right now isn't a bunch of states pulling out of the Union, but rather organized, enthusiastic groups in each of the 50 states pushing for smaller government and a renewed interest in the 9th and 10th Amendments. Yes, the Federal government does too much: But that's not the kind of thing that's properly fixed by pulling out.

Business and Finance "If you are relevant, people are going to buy the newspaper"
Likely next owner of the Chicago Tribune says he wants more revenue, not a tighter belt

Computers and the Internet Firefox still exposed to animated-cursor attacks

Business and Finance Don't overlook the cell-phone tax refund

Computers and the Internet What if a newspaper website were built to be user-friendly?

Water News Des Moines City Council to vote on spending sales-tax money

Computers and the Internet "The PowerPoint presentation...should be ditched"
Australian professor says it's too much to expect the human brain to understand written language and visual cues side-by-side. That, and the cognitive approach most people take to developing PowerPoint slides strips out the narrative, which is how humans have long used words since the dawn of time. That's not to say that there aren't some useful PowerPoint presentations out there -- but for most purposes, there are better ways to communicate.

Iowa West Des Moines cops apparently pretty good at recovering stolen cars

News Drugs are bad...mmmmkay?
Keith Richards claims he snorted his father's ashes along with some cocaine. That's not what the colloquial phrase "blow me" is supposed to mean.

News Omaha: The Godfather of municipal governance

The United States of America Should American baseball players cry foul?
A huge number of MLB players are foreign-born, and that's perfectly fine (especially because it's still clearly an American game if they're coming here to play it). But demagogues like Lou Dobbs certainly wouldn't agree.

Graphics Graphic of the day: Saint Paul

Iowa Two candidates want to be mayor in West Des Moines
Chris Andrews is a member of the parks commission, while Steve Gaer used to be on the city council. They'll oversee a city whose budget is scheduled to increase by almost 8% in the next fiscal year.

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