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Brian Gongol

April 18, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Leading-Edge Technology

Water News Missouri DNR says 45 sites don't perform right bacteriological tests

News Virginia shooting will definitely be used by gun-control advocates
But here's an important issue that will almost certainly be ignored: What's the average person supposed to do when attacked? Schools, workplaces, and other groups ought to offer lessons and instructions about what to do when anyone attacks -- whether they're carrying a gun, a knife, a bomb, or any other kind of weapon. Doing away with guns wouldn't get rid of the world's homicidal maniacs; it would only change the tools they'd choose to use. We need to be better-educated about self-defense. The university probably already had rules on the books making it a "gun-free zone" well before the killings.

Computers and the Internet British cops cracking down on Wi-Fi freeloaders
Owners of wireless networks have an obligation to secure their networks to keep people from poaching, but this is an interesting sign: If your wireless network is private property, then people poaching on it are certainly thieves. After all, you can't just plug a power cord into your neighbor's porch outlet. Very interesting.

Computers and the Internet "It would be more sensible just to talk"
Speechmaking is an art, and tools like PowerPoint become excuses to avoid practicing...which makes the outcome much more likely to be terrible. Why not spend the time invested in building a PowerPoint presentation in practicing a more refined delivery?

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