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Brian Gongol

May 2, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Garbled Transmission

Threats and Hazards Ahmadinejad crosses his own religious hard-liners
By kissing the hand of one of his schoolteachers. Who, seriously, gets worked up into a lather by something like this?

Humor and Good News Keys to Iowa prison show up on eBay

Humor and Good News Highway signs intended for Maine confuse drivers in Iowa
It's part of a real-world test of new signage, but no one bothered to tell the locals

Humor and Good News Are carrots getting in the way of British sex?

Water News Huge wildfire closes roads and schools in Georgia

The United States of America Is Hillary Clinton a conservative's best friend amid the Democratic field?
Now that Jim Gilmore has entered the race, it's reasonable to review what the Presidential candidates say in their economic platforms. Senator Clinton opposes Medicare reform and Social Security reform, which are major strikes against her. Any candidate who isn't telling the truth about Medicare right now ought to be ejected from the race instantly. Chuck Hagel would be a vastly better President than anyone else currently in the race. It's just temporary blindness on the part of Bush partisans that they don't see that Hagel is the optimal pro-growth, small-government candidate. Related: Whose brilliant idea was the preposterously Orwellian-sounding Loyalty Day declaration for May 1st? America isn't a place of loyalty to anything but individual liberty.

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The American Way May update to the EconDirectory
It's a list of which sites (among those that focus on business and/or economics) get the most traffic on the Internet

Socialism Doesn't Work Howard Dean hates freedom of speech
Declares that he wants "re-regulation" of the media in order to revive the Fairness Doctrine. Government has no place regulating the content of broadcast communications any more than in regulating the content of newspapers or the Internet. That doesn't stop totalitarian-minded people from trying.

Aviation News The Boeing 777 is huge
See how its engine compares to the size of a 737

Science and Technology The birds that migrate at altitudes of 20,000 feet and higher
Birds are a huge hazard to aircraft. The Air Force even puts out a risk advisory on birds throughout the country.

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