Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 7, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Citrus

Water News From biomass into particleboard

Computers and the Internet Majority of crooked websites hosted on just five networks
Related: A warning to stay away from Tagged.com

The American Way Anti-Communists hacked into Chinese state-run TV
They managed to run anti-government slogans, apparently on several channels in different cities. What the world probably needs right now is some good anti-Communist propaganda.

Aviation News A new look for Delta as it emerges from bankruptcy

The United States of America With luck, "No Child Left Behind" will meet the dustbin of history
It's up for reauthorization now. The Federal government really has little or no business at all in regulating education.

News Don Cheadle puts his fame to good use
Campaigning for public attention on the Darfur problem. It's hard to tell what the best course of action is: The whole situation is a hornet's nest. But it's terribly disturbing that 200,000 people have died so far without much intervention. Cheadle deserves a lot more attention from the media than a certain sickeningly over-hyped trust fund brat.

Socialism Doesn't Work County supervisor asks city council for $250,000 loan
That's on top of $4.6 million in state tax credits. Membership has its privileges.

Socialism Doesn't Work Global warming overreaction may be Big Brother's best friend
A local government council in England is using planes equipped with thermal cameras to find out which houses leak the most heat in winter. They've turned around and placed the resulting maps on the Internet in an effort to shame people into adding insulation. Aerial surveillance? Thermal imaging of private homes? Public maps of those images? It's too much government intrusion. There are vastly better ways of dealing with energy consumption.

The United States of America US shows itself to be wildly disinterested in entertaining foreign tourists

Humor and Good News Where's the fire?
Study says people walk 10% faster than we did ten years ago. Related: Ten years ago was about the time a British guy made a bet that he'd live to be 100 years old. He won and made about $50,000 in the process. Though that whole "not-being-dead" thing might've been the best reward of all. Unfortunately, that $50,000 would be well shy of the amount needed to buy John Schneider's "General Lee"-inspired Dodge Charger, which appears to have sold on eBay for $9.9 million.

Weather and Disasters The only thing left standing in Greensburg, Kansas, was the grain elevator
Had to have been an absolutely incredible F5 tornado. The National Weather Service says the very same area was hit by tornadoes the day before.

Health If the doctors tell you you're going to die, but they're wrong, who pays?
Especially if you decide to blow everything?