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Brian Gongol

May 9, 2007

Water News Patterson ships 260,000 gpm pump

Graphics Graphic of the day: Burning Down the House

Science and Technology There's a good chance plants on other planets aren't green
Though for us here on Earth, green plants could have a future in skyscrapers. Not that it's necessarily all that likely, but it's an amusing prospect. If nothing else, the concept of farmers in lab coats riding the subway to work is hilarious. Also worth a mind-trip is the question of whether we're prepared for massive geological and geographical change based on sudden events.

Science and Technology Should universities use emergency text messages?
It's extremely important to know how to get the word out in an emergency, though text messages to students have both advantages and disadvantages. On the up side, they're cheap, quick, and nearly ubiquitous. On the down, they could be abused rather easily and probably can't convey enough information to be effective. Text messages can usually only convey about 130 to 140 characters. Thus, the message "A tornado is expected to reach campus by 3:30. Take shelter immediately. Stay inside and go to the lowest level of a building and stay away from windows" (152 characters) wouldn't fit.

Computers and the Internet Kansas picks a fight with Cabela's over sales taxes
Cabela's sells a lot of stuff online; the state says it deserves almost $400,000 in back sales taxes

Business and Finance Wal-Mart fury is dying down, and Google's next
But here's something that's probably not well-known: Wal-Mart has a CIA-like intelligence unit. It makes sense; the company is responsible for a huge volume of economic activity with operations around the world; shouldn't they be expected to seek out intelligence?

Science and Technology You can't buy cassette tapes in Britain anymore

Humor and Good News They swerved to miss a baby duck and got squished by a produce truck
(Video) In case you haven't laughed out loud about the Yugo for a few years

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