Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 14, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Approved as Noted

Weather and Disasters Flooding at Missouri Valley, Iowa
It's hard to understand just how bad the flooding is without seeing it in person

Business and Finance DaimlerChrysler headed for a happy divorce
Chrysler will be taken over by a private-equity firm, though Daimler will keep a 20% stake. The sale price is about $7.4 billion, which is actually a loss for Daimler, since they have to keep Chrysler's debt as part of the deal. It is, though, a lot more than Kerkorian was offering. More than anything, the Germans are probably happy to get rid of Chrysler's liabilities for health-care costs. Imagine being happy taking a huge loss on the sale of a company just because of health and pension benefits.

Aviation News The hardest part might be staying awake for the whole flight
There are now as many as half a dozen US Air Marshals on flights from Frankfurt and London to the US. Imagine having to stay alert from takeoff to landing. What a bore.

Science and Technology Whatever you do, don't drop a compact fluorescent bulb

Humor and Good News The answer is not always "C"
The old legend has it that it's best to answer "C" whenever faced with a completely unknown multiple-choice question. But that's very bad advice when there are only two possible answers.

Humor and Good News Corporate "lorem ipsum" generator
An automatic generator of the notorious "lorem ipsum"-type filler text, but it's all business jargon

News Flamenco Towers: A skyscraper split in two
It's a design for a project to be constructed in Hangzhou, China

Water News Chemical danger after a disaster

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