Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 17, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Hotel Capricious

Water News Grand Island student earns award for water-conservation program

Aviation News Neither a bird nor a plane
Just a photo of the International Space Station flying overhead

Computers and the Internet Does a cyber-attack on Estonia require a military response from NATO?

Humor and Good News How is crotch-kicking funny, again?
It's certainly better than being on death's door, but apparently the Japanese find groin-area discomfort good for laughs. But just about anyone can appreciate some of the funnier moments in the Moscow subway.

Business and Finance Why is an unappealing Warhol worth $71 million?
Or rather, why would someone pay that much for it? The intrinsic value is probably lower than the market price. They could've bought a Boeing 737 instead, which would be a lot more fun.

Computers and the Internet A "blogging" code of conduct?
Perhaps if we stopped imbuing online journals and other websites with this mystical title of "blog" (which is a really dumb title unto itself), perhaps people wouldn't take themselves so seriously -- nor think that having a weblog grants them some sort of authority or stature or impunity that pardons the ridiculously bad behavior this supposed code of conduct is intended to discourage. There's nothing special about one's conduct on weblogs (versus one's conduct in the outside world), just like there's nothing unique about one's ethics in business (as opposed to one's other conduct). People who are uncivil online are no different from people who are uncivil in the rest of the world, just like cheats and swindlers in business are probably cheats and swindlers in their home lives.

Health Why men need to work off the fat in the midsection
It's a huge indicator of risk for diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and other maladies

Humor and Good News "Rhode Island to move 2008 primary to tomorrow"
It's a spoof, but it feels all too true. The economic platforms of the 2008 Presidential candidates aren't much to crow over, unfortunately.

Business and Finance It's scary what waiting (to invest) will cost a person
To retire at the same level of comfort, a person who starts saving at age 40 has to more than double the savings rate of a person who starts at age 25. The 45-year-old has to almost triple it. It's actually very easy to start saving for retirement, and with the way the government has over-promised everything to everyone in the US, those savings will become even more important in the future than they are today.

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