Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 18, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Tie for a Mechanic

Water News Montana and Wyoming are headed to court over water

Computers and the Internet Microsoft makes its biggest acquisition ever
Spends $6 billion to buy an online-advertising firm so that it can compete with Google

Broadcasting Clear Channel buyout offer raised again
What started at one price, then was raised to a new price, has been raised again

Humor and Good News How many ways can you illustrate "citrus"?
It turns out that the answer is at least 600, including this way, which isn't quite as amusing as turning lemons and oranges into Japanese monsters, nor as persuasive as encouraging people to drink their OJ.

Computers and the Internet Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage
It's a rolling change, so not everyone gets unlimited storage at once, but they say it'll be done in a few months. Unlimited storage is a reflection of the incredibly low cost of memory. Unfortunately, Yahoo's spam-filtering is considerably less reliable than Gmail's. They'll need to change that in order to really make the storage increase worthwhile. Yahoo is also in the process of reorganizing its operations.

Iowa Employment numbers are all relative
Iowa's labor agency says, "The weakness in the April jobs report was centered in the state’s construction industry." This "weakness" of which they speak is a seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate of 3.4%. Most economies in most places in the world and at most times in history would be absolutely overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of a 3.4% unemployment rate. It's almost preposterously low.

Computers and the Internet Promo for this weekend's "WHO Radio Wise Guys"
Starting at noon (Central time) on 1040 AM and online at WHORadio.com

Humor and Good News The Dilbert corporate mission statement generator

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