Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 21, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Rolling Ride

Water News Some Iowa and Nebraska farmers are getting behind schedule

Agriculture Demand for corn-based ethanol means pigs are eating more candy bars

Humor and Good News "Why can't we be followed by a big bucket of Fig Newtons?"

Business and Finance Somehow, "pet massage therapist" sounds like an unfulfilling career
But "owner of a place where people pay to get their pets massaged" sounds like a way to make an absolute killing taking money from people with too much disposable income for their brains. Better if some of that dough were to be sunk into saving patiently for retirement and consequently avoiding spousal arguments over money.

News "Remember, combat sports ... are not self-defense"
Seven ways to protect your family in a threatening environment

Weather and Disasters Remarkable photos of tornado damage in Greensburg, Kansas

News First train crosses Korean DMZ in half a century

News The end of the interview? Not really.
E-mail and websites change the nature of news interviews, for certain, but they don't spell the death of the conventional one-on-one interview, either in person or by telephone.

Threats and Hazards Book-burners of the 21st Century

Broadcasting How do talk-show hosts pick their topics?
Some cover more ground than others

The United States of America Could a disaffected Republican run successfully for President?
There are rumors that Chuck Hagel might be thinking of running for President, either as a Republican or as an independent. He's quite reasonably mad at some of this fellow Republicans for having abandoned internationalism and small government. Hagel has been sensible on lots of issues, like immigration and fixing Medicare, and it's sad that he's considered a maverick. The kind of small-government approach Hagel approves of is classic conservatism.

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