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Brian Gongol

May 22, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Treads

The United States of America The Civil War in four minutes
(Video) Extraordinarily interesting

Computers and the Internet Blackle: Google with a black background
Possibly one of the most ridiculous energy-saving ideas floating out there. Related: Google has finally launched daily updates to its trends rankings.

News A peek at the re-capture of a college in Iraq
Also interesting: How the news drives the perception

Business and Finance Which baseball teams are getting the most value for their salary payments?

Humor and Good News In the future, all the men will be pushy jerks
And lunch will be synthesized. Or maybe not. The only reliable prediction about the future is that most of those predictions will look pretty silly in retrospect.

Science and Technology Connecting urban buildings above ground level
Going beyond the skywalk

News What Russia needs most right now: Long-missing institutions of civil society

Water News Does concentrated detergent help the environment?

Computers and the Internet "Trust, but verify" becomes "Don't trust, and keep verifying"
Phishing attack uses Microsoft-style look to convince people to give up their credit-card details. It's in a similar vein as "authenticated phishing," which is the practice of using some known details about an individual to get them to turn over private information.

Science and Technology Nanotechnology: The latest craze in give-aways
Yet one more way for governments to delude themselves about economic-development incentives

Broadcasting Bill O'Reilly quantified
What's too bad is that much of opinion-driven television and radio programming is short on ideas. Much better to debate useful questions.

The American Way Quotes from Charlie Munger's commencement address to USC law grads

Agriculture Replacing the front lawn with a garden: "Edible Estates"

Weather and Disasters NOAA predicts bad hurricane season
75% chance of an above-normal season, with almost half a dozen "major" hurricanes expected

Socialism Doesn't Work Higher minimum wage cuts into police and fire protection
If you really want to help poor people, raising the minimum wage isn't the best way to do it

Business and Finance Governors' salaries: Far lower than many college football coaches
The amount paid to many coaches is out of line with reality. Same goes for many vastly-overfed business managers. That doesn't mean the government should step in and regulate salaries in the private sector -- but governments should probably stop bending over backwards for sports coaches at state universities.

Humor and Good News Weddings where neither bride nor groom has to show up

Computers and the Internet Firefox users most likely to keep their browsers updated

News What's more worrisome than an 10-month-old baby with a gun permit?
The fact that parents are able to name their children "Bubba." That's going to leave a psychological scar.

Broadcasting RIAA wants to beat the crap out of radio stations
New fees for airplay? Could be. If so, say "sayonara" to music stations in small markets; they won't be able to afford the fees.

Humor and Good News A Titanic conspiracy theory
Jokester parodies conspiracy-theory nuts everywhere

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