Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 29, 2007

Water News Bad stormwater management ruins beaches

Socialism Doesn't Work World Health Organization wants to ban indoor smoking
The instinct (to discourage smoking and help prevent non-smokers from suffering needlessly) is a perfectly good one. The prescription, however, is overbearing. Bans on most things tend to be both inappropriate and ineffective; there are better ways to discourage smoking and achieve the same laudable results.

News Six shootings in Des Moines this past weekend
That's a strangely large number

Humor and Good News About 590 different ways to illustrate the word "Signs"

Graphics Graphic of the day: Morning Dew

Humor and Good News Sometimes, you're a little moody

The United States of America "Give folks something to lose, and they probably won't want to destroy you"

Agriculture New Zealand finds cows that produce almost-skim milk

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