Gongol.com Archives: June 2007
Brian Gongol

June 1, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Half-Moon

Water News The EPA now speaks Chinese

The American Way June 1st edition of the EconDirectory
The top ten sites for economics include three professors, two Europeans, and two anonymous writers

Broadcasting The liar at cable's "most trusted name in news"

Weather and Disasters First day of hurricane season brings a full-fledged tropical storm

Computers and the Internet Gates and Jobs: Summit of the titans

Broadcasting Promo for Saturday's "WHO Radio Wise Guys"
Noon until 2:00 on WHO-AM

Business and Finance 90% of Tribune shareholders offer to sell out, but the company only buys back half

Weather and Disasters "Considerable damage" to buildings in Muscatine after tornado hits
A car dealership got hit hard, and the area got hail as well. A pretty clear tornado is also seen in one photo.

Humor and Good News Now that's a sexy car

Computers and the Internet 25 counts (including wire fraud) for a man suspected of being a major spammer

The United States of America Why the US needs diplomatic contact with Iran
Put succinctly, you don't need diplomacy among friends. You need diplomacy with your adversaries. Normalized relations may still be a way off, but some kind of diplomacy is in order. Related: How to get justice done in Iraq.

Broadcasting Bull Moose Club featured on NPR's "Morning Edition"
The local young Republican professionals' club makes the national news