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Brian Gongol

June 11, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Slopes

Water News Omaha may have to spend $3 billion replacing sewers

Broadcasting Notes from today's show on WHO Radio
Two sets of simultaneous sextuplets...the Auditor of State tells how bad it is...Google meets the Big Ten

Computers and the Internet Google will digitize everything in the Big Ten's college libraries

Computers and the Internet Four "critical" updates included in June's Patch Tuesday

News Preservationists mad over Bono's Dublin hotel
He and The Edge want to add 140 rooms and a Viking-boat-shaped glass roof to their hotel

The United States of America On this day in 1776
The Continental Congress assigned Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Sherman, and Livingston to draft the Declaration of Independence

Computers and the Internet A billion PC's are humming around the planet
That's about one for every six people. And it's a lot of energy. But is the amount of energy being consumed a good trade-off for what we get out of them? Almost certainly, yes.

Humor and Good News Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns in downloadable form
$3 buys a copy of commentary tracks that the user can then play simultaneously with the actual films. MST3K was one of the best pop-culture contributions of the late 1990s.

Aviation News $2 round-trip airfare makes Hawaiians go crazy
The one-year-old Go airline offered 1,000 ultra-low-fare tickets for inter-island trips. Sorry, no $1 airfares between Honolulu and the mainland.

Broadcasting The show Fox already cancelled was tops in the ratings last night
"The Loop" already got the ax, but it managed to beat out everything else at 7:30 on Sunday night

Computers and the Internet Apple now offers a Windows-based Internet browser
Safari for Windows is now available in a beta version. Their main sales claim is that it's faster on Windows than Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

News Ditka says NFL and players' union abuse former players
Says that too many ex-NFL players are permanently disabled as a result of playing football, and the league and union have an obligation to help them

The United States of America Is preschool really the answer?
Senator Clinton wants huge subsidies for kids to attend preschool when they're 4 years old. Is this really the best possible use of taxpayers' money?

The United States of America 13,000 unlucky taxpayers to get audited this year

Broadcasting Wolf Blitzer yapped too much during the GOP debate

Agriculture Iowa's corn is behind schedule

Iowa Iowa governor cuts $4 million from state budget
But doesn't seem to care that the budget as a whole is an outrageous 12% larger than last year's

Science and Technology Even at maximum production, corn ethanol can only supply 12% of US demand
The GAO has released a report that says that even though production has gone absolutely crazy over the last couple of years, it's simply not physically possible to produce more than about 12 billion gallons of corn-based ethanol a year, which would only be a little over 10% of current US gasoline and diesel consumption

The United States of America Former VOA director says the US needs to put more into "public diplomacy"
That's the sum total of efforts like international exchange programs and international broadcasting programs

Humor and Good News Alligators in the sewers
(Video) Just another reason to love the History Channel

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