Gongol.com Archives: June 2007
Brian Gongol

June 13, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: The Now Company

News The book and the sword
"Knowledge is not wisdom until you slice through the words you hear, judge them and are moved to silence."

News Christopher Hitchens vs. Chris Hedges
A most interesting debate. Hitchens could be completely wrong about everything that he says, but he is profoundly entertaining.

Water News Columbia, Missouri, faces $90 million price tag to replace wastewater system

News Large crowds arriving in Tulsa to unearth buried 1957 Plymouth
Even our own relatively recent history can be really amusing -- like artifacts of futuristic visions of life in space

Computers and the Internet The details behind June's "Patch Tuesday" from Microsoft

Broadcasting You, too, can bid on Bob Barker's microphone
The actual microphone is currently bidding at $19,313.04, but the thing is: It's not the only one. It's just one of his many microphones. Economy-minded folks can probably get a similar mic for about $400.

Aviation News Boeing's crystal ball says European market will be capped in 20 years

Broadcasting Notes from today's show on WHO Radio
Credit out of control..."Ocean's 13"..."Freedomnomics"

Iowa How the Des Moines metro area would spend Project Destiny dollars

Computers and the Internet GAO says the government doesn't do enough to let employees work from home

Science and Technology Mr. Wizard was "personally responsible for more people going into the sciences than any other single person in this country"
Sadly, he's no longer with us: Don Herbert died on Tuesday

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