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Brian Gongol

June 14, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Lucky Suit

Weather and Disasters "We are not ready for another hurricane in the oil patch"
That's a little unnerving. Article was highlighted in a hurricane roundup, which included a story about Mexico City's 22-year cleanup effort after the 1985 earthquake, which apparently revealed big problems with government centralization in the city. 10,000 people were killed in the Mexico City earthquake, which caused astonishing damage to many buildings. Related: Infighting at NOAA doesn't bode well for this hurricane season.

The American Way How to improve assistance to workers who lose jobs to free trade
Free trade, on the whole, is very good for society. But there are (obviously) some people who suffer individually. Adjustment assistance for those people can be a way of removing one of the objections that intellectually-lazy demagogues perpetually rely upon.

Threats and Hazards Police think victims' advocate in Minneapolis sold identities
Those sales were the identities of the victims -- in some cases to the people accused of the crimes

Broadcasting You never know whether the guy next to you sings opera
Random car-phone salesman from Wales belts out a nearly professional-quality rendition of opera on a British talent show and ends up a finalist in the competition

Agriculture Many farm subsidies seem...well, a little badly-targeted
When Paul Allen and Scottie Pippen are each pulling in crop subsidies (Pippen's been doing it for years) -- or, in some cases, subsidies for not raising anything at all -- it might suggest that the system is again in need of reform.

Business and Finance High divorce and low childbirth rates put Baby Boomers in bad financial shape
Getting divorced isn't just expensive up-front, it really cuts into one's long-term financial future. That's why choosing a spouse isn't just about infatuation...it's a business proposition.

News "Is there a single 20-year-old in America who isn't drinking exactly as much alcohol as he wants right now?"
Stupid laws on drinking make criminals out of people who aren't really doing anything wrong

Water News Collecting rainwater can spare both water and wastewater treatment

Science and Technology Survey of symbols
Online survey asked people which pictograms they found most easily identifiable, based on existing and widely-used sets. The results are interesting, especially when broken down by geography and other means.

The United States of America Immigration bill is stalled by intensity, not size, of opposition

Humor and Good News Six Presidents, morphed into one head

Computers and the Internet The evolution of Google's search algorithm
Expectations used to be rather low. But the head of Google's search group says, "Now, if you don't get exactly what you want in the first three results, something is wrong."

Humor and Good News Tribute to Tobias

Broadcasting ABC hands over the keys to WLS-AM
After 47 years of ownership, the station becomes a Citadel property

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