Gongol.com Archives: June 2007
Brian Gongol

June 18, 2007

Water News Biofuel plants need to monitor chlorides and suspended solids

Graphics Graphic of the day: Pharmacy

Iowa Project Destiny vote: July 10th
The complicated proposal is not well-understood by many voters. That's unfortunate; there are several good reasons to oppose Project Destiny, and voters ought to know both sides of the issue.

Humor and Good News Worst headline of the week: "Man accused of stiffing lap dancers"

Broadcasting Weather Channel addicts can get their own desktop emulator
Seriously: There's a program available (for free) that mimics the Weather Channel's "Local on the 8's" rundown. Some people even go so far as to record sessions of this program from their own desktops and share the videos on YouTube. The Weather Channel has a real cult following, which posts detailed accounts of the "Local on the 8's" program on Wikipedia and discusses the network endlessly in an online fan forum. (CNN has a similar fan following, which includes two separate fan forums -- CNN Fan and CNN Reporter, and a site called "What's Happening at CNN".)

Iowa Valley High School Class of 1997 ten-year reunion announced

News Get motivated before choosing a major

News Peter Hitchens doesn't think Iran is much to get worried about
British writer says, "Many Iranians privately fear that their government's clumsy fumblings with the atom will subject them to a Persian Chernobyl long before it endangers anyone else."

News Investigation rescues 31 kids from pedophiles

Threats and Hazards US should put the criminal justice system to work
Well-written editorial suggests that the President's abuse of "enemy combatant" rules runs roughshod over the Constitution. Timothy McVeigh was certainly an "enemy combatant" (who actually killed 168 Americans), but we were able to prosecute him using the criminal-justice system, and it worked.