Gongol.com Archives: June 2007
Brian Gongol

June 29, 2007

Water News Nebraska's HHS department reorganized

Graphics Graphic of the day: London 2012

Business and Finance China's stock-market bubble cannot end well
The end of a bubble can't be predicted, but it will happen sooner or later. And when that happens, the millions of Chinese who have no real experience with investing but who are pouring their life savings into the stock market are going to get hurt. Meanwhile, there's really no clarity on the short-term future of the European economy, either.

News Supposedly-homicidal astronaut didn't wear diapers

Threats and Hazards Car bombs found in London
One was discovered just outside Piccadilly Circus, and another car that had been parked nearby and towed for illegal parking also turns out to have been bombed. Apparently a quick-thinking (or perhaps slightly crazy) cop defused the first bomb before the bomb squad arrived. Their attention was attracted after the driver crashed the first car into some trash cans and ran off without turning off the headlights. Makes for a really short honeymoon for the new Prime Minister. The area where the car bombs were left is just a few minutes' walk from Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. There's a good chance that anyone who has been a tourist in London has been nearby. Related: Australia's attorney general thinks that "vulnerable and susceptible people" in Australia are being convinced by radicals to go overseas to conduct terrorism.

Agriculture Iowa plants 19% more corn than last year
It's the most corn planted in the state since 1944. It's due to rising demand for ethanol made from corn. Meanwhile, the USDA is trying to figure out how to turn the leftovers from ethanol production into something more useful than they are today.

Aviation News Iowa's Air Force gets a little bigger
The Iowa State Patrol has added a new Cessna Skylane 182 for aerial surveillance of traffic

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