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Brian Gongol

July 3, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Reformist Bloc

Business and Finance Money supply has more than doubled in ten years

Business and Finance New richest man in the world: Carlos Slim
Owning telecommunications firms in Mexico makes for booming business these days

Water News Flood pumps: When you need them, you really need them

Health "Genealogical bewilderment"
A condition that some psychiatrists are worried might be suffered by the potential offspring of a woman who has frozen some of her own eggs for use by her daughter. The daughter has Turner's syndrome, which may prevent her from having her own kids someday.

Threats and Hazards Slavery still isn't gone
The discovery of a slave camp in Brazil is a reminder that evil still exists in the world -- and it's not always cloaked in things like religious conflict. It's simply a reminder that we shouldn't allow terrorist fanatics to let us take our collective eye off the ball.

Business and Finance Hilton chain bought for $26 billion
One has to wonder what Conrad Hilton would think about the sale.

Humor and Good News Flashback: Promo for "WKRP in Cincinnati"
(Video) It's a parody of a U2 video that doesn't make much sense, either

The American Way July 2007 EconDirectory released
This month: Trends among the top ten sites on the list

Threats and Hazards Targeted nightclub in London had been warned about VBIEDs just days before
"VBIED" is the new word for "car bomb," it would appear, standing for "vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices". How that's a better word than "car bomb" is up to question. There's concern in Australia over the fact that a couple of suspected accomplices and associates involved in the UK attacks may have been living in Oz. One suspect is still in a Scottish hospital, where the police handled a bomb scare yesterday that they thought was related to the airport attack.

Business and Finance Brazilian president blames US for some of his country's problems
(Article in Portuguese) Says American agricultural subsidies, among other factors, make life tougher for Brazilians

Health Impaired sense of smell may be early warning of Alzheimer's

News Russia charges exile businessman with plotting a coup
He told the "Guardian" back in May that he had something like that on his mind

Business and Finance How lack of transparency hurts African investment markets
Related: Despite lots of political uncertainty in the Ukraine, foreign investors are showering it with new investment at an accelerating pace. Also related: Brazil is going to have a tough time growing economically if it can't fix its shortfall of 246,000 teachers.

Business and Finance Illinois minimum wage rises to $7.50
A minimum wage is not the best way to help poor workers. Minimum wages tend to cause unemployment, and they keep young and unskilled workers from getting entry-level jobs that will help them to get better jobs later on. A negative income tax is a much more efficient approach to helping the poor.

Business and Finance India's central-bank chief is optimistic, but worries about inflation

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