Gongol.com Archives: July 2007
Brian Gongol

July 10, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Beautiful Balloon

Water News Global warming's biggest impact may be on water

Iowa Project Destiny completely crushed at polls

Humor and Good News Oregon lunatic takes balloon-powered flight
Some other nuts are out crocheting at random all over Chicago

News "Britain may not be a nation of dumbed-down MP3-toting philistines"
That's the BBC's peculiar way of introducing a story that says Britons read more today than 25 years ago. Free newspapers like The London Paper, London Lite, and Metro get some of the credit.

Aviation News TSA screeners catch water bottle but miss bomb

News A stoplight might be helpful
(Video) Ridiculously unsafe intersection in St. Petersburg, Russia, appears to have no stoplights. Related: What happens in an ice storm. And speaking of crashes...

Business and Finance "China would be wise to take the concerns of the world's consumers seriously"
Low standards are coming back to bite Chinese manufacturers in the fleshy bits

The United States of America Killing immigration reform was a stupid move
The Senate really dropped the ball by rejecting immigration reform. The immigration authorities are already 20 years -- years! -- behind schedule just in rounding up known immigration fugitives. Unfortunately, Senators like Chuck Hagel, who recognize that fixing immigration includes paths to legalization, were out-shouted and lost the debate.

Health 22% of hospitals tell stroke victims to do the wrong thing
The best advice is to call 911 immediately upon signs of stroke, but 22% of hospitals in a survey told people to call their primary-care physicians instead. That can delay treatment and cause the consequences of stroke to become unnecessarily severe.

Weather and Disasters Nearly 100 mph winds hit New Zealand
Stateside, Utah is fighting its largest fire ever, a 300,000-acre monster. On the global scale, a study says changes in the Sun's output have nothing to do with global warming.

Iowa Des Moines metro sales-tax vote today
Project Destiny is a badly-conceived tax hike that needs to be rejected

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