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Brian Gongol

July 11, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Brand New Definitions

Health Study is looking for 15,000 sisters of women with breast cancer

News Woman buys one-way ticket to top of terrorist watch list
51-year-old English woman marries one of Osama Bin Laden's sons. Related: The GAO has just shown that it's far too easy to get radioactive materials.

Threats and Hazards What's wrong with the anti-privacy argument "I've got nothing to hide"
The full answer is 25 pages long, but the simplest retort is this: "Then why do you have curtains and blinds on your windows?" The "nothing to hide" argument is deeply flawed and deserves to hit the dustbin of history. It assumes -- quite wrongly -- that government is always right, and that those whom government opposes are always wrong. J. Edgar Hoover disproved the first, and Martin Luther King disproved the second.

Computers and the Internet Web design for small-screen browsers
With all of the hype surrounding the iPhone, small-screen browsing (like what's done on smartphones and Internet-enabled PDAs) is probably going to get a revived level of attention. Oddly, only Opera seems to offer an in-browser method of switching "handheld" CSS on and off, which allows web designers to test what they're doing without having to browse from a smartphone or PDA itself. The biggest trick is probably the limited resolution of most small-scale browser screens.

News Most firefighters killed in warehouse fire had no wills

Weather and Disasters Half a million people evacuated in Chinese flood

Business and Finance Chinese carmaker pulls out of NYSE
Related: China's government is mad that the FBI is looking for informants who know about Chinese espionage in the US

News Florida governor wants to adopt Schwarzenegger "green state" policy

Health Doctors remove bullet from woman's skull -- after 64 years of pain
Those who are perpetually infatuated with the "ancient wisdom" of "Eastern" medicine ought to note that the Chinese woman was initially given herbal treatments rather than surgical aid, causing her to suffer needlessly for six decades.

Computers and the Internet July's Microsoft Patch Tuesday is a heavyweight

Computers and the Internet Goofy political candidates set up MySpace, Facebook pages and then never come back
This is not to say that we need our governors hanging out all day on Facebook, but it's pretty silly to set up an account and then never do anything with it.

News Dictionary grows by 100 new words
They include "ginormous", "Bollywood," and "chaebol"

Water News Nebraska's stormwater program clarified

Iowa Polemicist "State 29" throws in the towel
Promises to shut down popular website about Iowa-related politics and news. The anonymous author has been variously entertaining and aggravating over time, but undoubtedly meets the definition of "polemicist". It's unfortunate that there aren't more interesting sources of commentary on Iowa-related issues.

Aviation News There's a reason airplanes have a "decision speed"
Russian airliner photo shows exactly why you don't take off with an overloaded aircraft. Related: A vacant control tower caught fire at Miami International.

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