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Brian Gongol

July 25, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Weight Loss

Water News British flooding caused by wettest spring in 240 years

Science and Technology Is renewable energy bad for the environment?

Business and Finance Should declining birthrates dictate who gets to have kids?
As developed nations experience declining birthrates, the cost of keeping up things like social welfare rises out of proportion to the number of workers. That's an especially big problem since people are showing little ability to manage their wealth.

Threats and Hazards British politicians agree: Long security lines are actually a security hazard
When you force dozens, scores, or even hundreds of people to line up prior to security, you actually increase the risk that someone will do something bad outside the security checkpoint. This problem has been in the public consciousness at least since October of last year.

The American Way Advertising is (or at least can be) beautiful
The US is a country built upon commerce, and there's no reason we should be ashamed of it

Aviation News The story of UPS Airlines
Believe it or not, even though UPS Airlines is really just the name of their air cargo operation, it sometimes carries passengers -- mainly because their planes otherwise sit empty and useless on weekends.

Business and Finance Road-congestion taxes: The way of the future?
Long commutes are an example of the many reasons why big cities aren't always good places to live

The United States of America 84% of all Cuban migrants arrive in US via Mexico
It should raise a few interesting questions for those opposed to immigration: Does a Cuban who arrives in the US via Mexico have a different set of rights than a Mexican who comes here? If so, does that mean that the point of US policy towards Cuban immigrants advocates not only getting out of Cuba, but specifically coming to the United States instead? The US needs to do a vastly better job of engaging Latin America and viewing the region as a place full of potential friends, rather than one to be walled off. Hemispheric cooperation would be to our advantage.

Health MMR vaccine probably doesn't cause autism
The study that suggested it did has since been renounced by 10 of the original 13 researchers taking part in the study. In the meantime, though, parents who refused to have their children immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella (because they feared making their kids autistic) have in turn needlessly put their children at risk for those easily-preventable diseases. Related: Flooding in China destroyed at least half a million dollars' worth of medicines.

Health 1,000-pound couple loses 60% of their combined weight

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