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Brian Gongol

July 27, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Mystic Shine

Water News Water restrictions in northwestern Iowa

The American Way Good, bad, and great uses for incentive prizes
Perhaps the biggest problem with an incentive prize like a bounty is that it's hard to prove whether or not it was truly earned. On the other hand, when it's a prize for an innovation, then it's pretty clear whether the winner earned it rightly or not.

Science and Technology An incineration plant that looks better than most million-dollar houses

Science and Technology Internet-enabled phones are cool, but are they really revolutionary?
Electric light and indoor plumbing: Now those were real revolutions. That doesn't mean Internet-enabled phones aren't wonderful, but maybe we're a little too quick to use the word "revolutionary."

The American Way July 23, 2007 Carnival of the Capitalists

Computers and the Internet Former dean at Berkeley becomes chief economist at Google
First reaction: Chief economist at where?

Aviation News Oshkosh Air Show enters closing weekend
It's the biggest aviation party in the world

The United States of America Immigrants to US typically either much better-educated or much less-educated than native residents
But a report says that educational attainment still has a "dramatic" effect on the wages of their kids, no matter what

Agriculture Should Kofi Annan just shut up?
Either he was badly-quoted, or he actually said he doesn't think African farmers ought to be using GMO seeds. If he was just misquoted, then it's unfortunate that the wrong message is getting out. If it's the latter, then he needs to shut up.

Business and Finance Former Qwest CEO fined $71 million over illegal stock sales
He'll also get to spend six years in prison for insider trading and options abuse. The corporate addiction to stock options seems to have been punitive (on balance) to shareholders, who are the real owners of any company.

News Japan to help subsidize dismantling of Russian nuclear submarines

News UAE paper published photo of topless man; readers go completely bonkers with anger

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