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July 1, 2007 Carnival of the Capitalists

Carnival of the Capitalists

The Carnival of the Capitalists is a summary of the best contributions to business and economics on the Internet in the past week:

SourceArticleCategorySummaryEditor's Choice
Political Calculations Shifting incomes from 1995 to 2005 Economics The rewards of a growing economy seem to have accrued to middle-income workers Editor's Choice
EconBrowser Housing's struggle continues Economics Housing is slowing, industrial production is down, and consumer sentiment is declining Editor's Choice
Three Star Leadership How long, oh CEO? General Business The best CEO material is grown from within Editor's Choice
Sox First Top 10 ways to trash a brand Marketing and Sales "Find customers who love your brand . . . who don't need promotions"
Skilled Investor How to lie with statistics Personal Finance Performance charts tend to make mutual funds look like winners when they aren't
World is Green Corporate social responsibility and sustainability General Business What looks like suspicious "social responsibility" may just be a company investing in the long term
Trust Matters Trust, politics, and US health care policy Health Care and Social Services Insurers, Congress, employers, hospitals, and academics share the blame for health-care problems
SportsBiz NBA extends TV deals General Business The NBA may have sold its soul to get a big contract with ABC, ESPN, and TNT
Searchlight Crusade There's no real way to take the complexity out of real estate General Business Real-estate transactions are inevitably complicated because no one wants to get screwed
Free Money Finance Ask for more when you're given a job offer Personal Finance Asking for a little extra at the start can be very rewarding
BusinessPundit Deep thinkers need not apply General Business "Corporate executive teams . . . are heavy on the popular, but light on the deep thinkers."
Grad Money Matters $5,000 in "extra" savings Personal Finance What you could do if you had $5,000 in new savings
Mad Kane's Humor Blog Money limerick contest results General Business ". . . And avouched he'd repay us tomorrow."

The Carnival of the Capitalists has previously shown up at Gongol.com in April 2005, November 2005, and November 2006. Anyone with a website can contribute or host. 36 articles were submitted for this edition. Nine were rejected because they were "how-to" guides, and this editor has no way to know whether those "how-to" instructions were good advice or bad. The articles listed above were the cream of the remaining crop. Comments are welcomed.
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